Michael Graziadei CONFIRMS He QUIT his Y&R Job

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Re: Michael Graziadei CONFIRMS He QUIT his Y&R Job

Postby PhickSuperFan » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:46 pm

Quote yandrfanx_:
Quote jcren:
Quote Yale Steam:
Quote yandrfanx_:
Quote jcren:
Quote yandrfanx_:
Quote mommmy:
Quote yandrfanx_:
Quote WillowSage:
Quote mommmy:
Quote yandrfanx_: Michael Graziadei is not out cuz he is not leaving Y&R.

Well it sounds like he is.

He isa leaving I read it months & months ago He wants to further his acting career

Michael Graziadei is not out cuz he is not leaving Y&R

Ok so why are you so sure he isnt?

Cuz it doesn't say so in the Coming and Goings and if he was then it would say so in the Coming and Goings and well he isn't leaving

LOL - MG said it HIMSELF. You can't get better confirmation that that... but keep on thinking it isn't leaving. You will just be wrong. Again.

No, he is not leaving and no I will not be wrong and never have been.

Thank you yandrfanx. And I still agree you! So, whoever can OMG LOL all they want. Until there is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT and/or a post here by Candace with a final air date, this is just a rumor. This would have been announced long before now if this were true or confirmed the way I have stated.

Are you claiming that Michael Graziadei and Michelle Staffard are lying?

And why the assumption it would have been announced? Plenty of people are not revealed to be leaving. How many times have actors literally slipped into roles these days? How many times have we discovered people were fired via twitter AND THEN IT WAS ANNOUNCED using their twitter as confirmation (on this very site no less) but nothing OFFICIALLY by Y&R? Kevin Schmidt as Noah, Lindsay Bushman as Summer, and Eileen Davidson as Ashley are just recent examples.

Then you have Jeff Branson who they haven't said a peep about leaving and he told fans last weekend he was let go and was already done filming to boot. TPTB don't have to tell us anything.

Michael Graziadei posted a picture and his on screen mother Michelle Staffaord commened on it and wished him luck. You can hold on to hope -- but homeboy is GONE. SOD posted about it. SOC posted about it. The spoilers even say 'Daniel leaves town' and on the show today they basically set it up for him to stay out of town with Heather.

And as for yandrfanx not being 'wrong' -- I will not pick on you. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are wrong 99% of the time. And I'll just stop there.

Nope, I'm never wrong and I choose not to believe it till it says it in the
Coming & Goings like it did with the other ones that had left.
Seriously, I am simply amazed that you can get people to believe a word you say LMAO!! :-) :-)

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Re: Michael Graziadei CONFIRMS He QUIT his Y&R Job

Postby clicquot1 » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Good luck, GRAZ!

Hope you continue to tear it up in prime time.

I hope to see you get a regualr gig on the CW or something!

Even though the Secret Circle didn't get renewed for a second season his character was run out of town by the circle kids! Sorry, Graz!

Good luck!

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