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Re: in all my years

Postby aym0402 » Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:42 am

Quote ILuvNY:
Quote aym0402:
Quote BabygirlAH:
Quote fuel1316: :)) in the 10 years ive watched this show i have to say ive never seen a better episode! watching phylis get dragged off to jail was a laugh riot and i loved every minute of it! :-) :)) :] :o :)

I enjoyed that part too. Especially when she told her to undress so she can search her. How humiliating for Phyllis.

I didn't like the part where Jimin was found dead. I guess he is too sexy for the show.

You're right about Ji-Min; he was too SEXY for Y&R. He will greatly missed; another one bites the dust... %(

Not only is he great looking...but, oh, that voice..... *)

He was in a Disney movie (not animated) my daughter was watching and I heard that voice and said, "OMG, that's Mr. Kim;" I could recognize that voice anytime. Gorgeous Man!!

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