Phyllis had to be crazy to have sex with Ronan

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Re: Phyllis had to be crazy to have sex with Ronan

Postby Its not real » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:02 pm

Quote 77RestlessFan:
Quote Its not real:
Quote 77RestlessFan:
Quote Its not real:
Quote Shirl62:
Quote Its not real:
Quote Its not real:
Quote Just Mary: Nick and Summer walked out on Phyllis and left her during the worst time of her life. Nick can walk. He's a whimp anyway and is no good to nobody especially Phyllis or Sharon for that matter.

Ronan is a real man. He was willing to risk it all for Phyllis and he was there when she needed him. The sex was hot, hot, hot.

Phyllis was not expecting Summer, Summer had walked out with Nick and she was unaware that she would walk in and see her intimacy with Ronan. She did not deliberately set out to hurt Summer or Nick but was alone and simply needed someone to comfort her.

As far as Summer goes, could you walk out on your mother or your child? Phyllis would die for Summer and has proven it over and over again in the past. Therefore, if Summer does leave her, it will be Summer's loss.

Oh yes! I'm sure Phyllis " would die for Summer " . LOL Too bad she couldn't keep her knees together for her.

And, could you please remind me of when and how Phyllis has proved this willingness to die for Summer ( or anyone for that matter) "over and over again in the past. "? Because I have been watching the show for years and years and I don't remember Phyllis ever doing anything that proved that.

Hmmm...I'm still waiting and hoping that someone will be able to tell me when and how Phyllis proved that she would be willing to die for Summer.

Phyllis is the only mother on this show who has demonstrated time and again that she would do anything for her children. She has done so much for Daniel. She is always there for her son. As for little Summer, she was always there for her. She took Summer to Switzerland for her treatments and kept that child close to her until she fully recovered from her near death experience. You can hate Phyllis until your blood boils but the truth is the truth about Phyllis and the truth is that she is the best mother on this show and she always was. No other mother on this show has ever shown so much love and compassion and help for her children like Phyllis has. She has always been a fabulous mother and not to forget that she has also been a great stepmom to Faith, whose mother could care less about her except when she needs to use her.

taking your child to a clinic for treatment is a far cry from being "willing to die for them'. And really, that whole going to the clinic thing would not have been necessary if instead, Phyllis had just managed to keep her legs together nd not bang Jack where Patty could see her.

As far as her being there for Daniel...really? that old line again? It's pretty obvious that she is there for Daniel when it suits her and when he goes along with her plans. Let him disagree with what she wants and her love for Daniel evaporates faster than a thimble full of water on a red hot sidewalk.

Still waiting for all those times that she proved she was ready to die for Summer. I know she was ready to steal from Summers trust fund...well more actually, she wasn't just ready to, she did. Wonder how she will repay that money, as she promised Nick she would, when she is making licence plates in jail?

And what exactly has she done for Faith? Babysat her when Nick went out of town? Oh wow, what a saint she is to do that...of course I guess she has lots of time for that since Summer was always at a friend house for a sleep over I guess Phyllis had enough time to watch Faith a little.
And then there was the time she promised Nick to look after Faith when he went to New Orleans but instead she decided to follow him there and so palmed Faith off on someone else...oh yeah, I see saintly motherhood shinning right out of Phyllis.

Daniel has since apologized to Phyllis and told her that she was right to keep him from allowing Lucy to be adopted. So what Phyllis did was the ultimate love she could have shown. She was willing to shoulder the wrath of everyone including her son in order to save him from doing something he would regret later. She knew Daniel would see the light sooner or later and he did and he was man enough to tell Phyllis that.

As far as Summer is concerned, what Phyllis did was far more than going to clinics. She worked with Summer all day every day on her developmental procedures while Nick did nothing ( and Nick admitted that he had not helped Phyllis with that the way he should have) Nick was busy chasing Sharon. Phyllis never berated him for that she just kept working with Summer to bring her back. And when Phyllis and Nick divorced Phyllis raised Summer alone while Nick was mooning over Faith, the illegitimate child he had fathered while they were married. So now Nick is going to pretend to be all about his kids. He only uses them as an excuse to escape when things get too tough for him with adult problems. 'I can't worry about that now, I have to take care of my kids' that is the excuse Nick uses to run away.

I'm not singing Nick's praises as a dad for sure, He does use the kids as an excuse just as he hid behind the sanctimonious line " I'm just protecting my child" when he used Faith to punish Sharon for picking Adam over him.
But Phyllis has known Nick for a long time. She knows how he treated Sharon, she knows how he cheated on her when they were married and kept pretending that there was nothing going on and that she just had jealousy issues. She knows all that and she obviously doesn't and didn't trust him when they remarried, and yet, she went ahead with the marriage. Why? because she wanted a hot male body in the house? Or because she wanted back into the powerful Newman fold? If she had trusted him she would not have lied to him again and again. But as soon as the first hints about the H&R came to light she started right in denying and lying to him.

It's fine to say that he deserted her when she needed him but she 'deserted' their marriage as soon as she decided that she couldn't trust him with the truth.
A husband can't be there for you, if you won't let him know where you are and what the situation is. And when you don't trust him, and you lie, then he starts to not trust you and from there it is simply a downward spiral of lies and broken trust till the marriage comes apart.

Avery told Nick to his face. When Nick said 'She lied to me' Avery said that she was afraid if she told him the truth that he would leave and that is exactly what he did. When he decided to come back he lied to Phyllis, he said 'I love you and nothing you have ever done will change that' That was a big lie. When he blew up at her one of the first things he threw in her face was the hit and run. Nick is a liar and a judgmental hypocrite. Also the first thing he did when he left Phyllis the second time (knowing another man was in love with her) he tried to bang her sister and the only reason he didn't was because her sister said NO. Mr Honesty never said a word about that to Phyllis. He only berated her about what he felt she had done when he was guilty of the same exact thing. Nick is a prick.

And Phyllis knew when she married him that he was a liar and she obviously didn't believe his statement that nothing she had ever done would change his love because she did lie to him the first problem that hit.She lied because she thought he would leave and after all the lies he did ...not surprising, sort of what you'd call a self fulfilling prophecy, when you tell someone they will leave you then do everything in your power to destroy their trust and make them go.

If Phyllis had come open to him and told him about the hit and run and then he said, that's it I'm out. it would have been one thing but first she lied and denied and then only when he wrestled it out of her did the truth come, only to be followed by more lies. There's no sense in blaming Nick for leaving and not blaming Phyllis for not trusting him and lying, They both let one another down and it's not surprising given that the marriage was built on nothing but fond hopes and sex with no real trust or depth to the relationship.

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Re: Phyllis had to be crazy to have sex with Ronan

Postby S-jae » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:34 pm

Quote rainflower: That is exactly why she did have sex with Ronan in her apartment, Nick and Summer already walked away from her and made it clear they weren't going to be there for her. Ronan is the only one that has stood by her and of course Kevin.

Phyllis has lied endlessy to Nick, stolen Summer's money and yet she feels they should 'stand by her' she has shown total disrespect to her husband and daughter, and now having sex with Ronan just tells you who Phyllis really cares about the most....PHYLLIS!

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Re: Phyllis had to be crazy to have sex with Ronan

Postby Barbyboo » Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:14 pm

Phyliss never had morals, nick divorce her again...

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