Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

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Re: Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

Postby Darlotto » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:36 am

seems as if Jack takes over Newman and Victor is removed as CEO. Victor learns that Sharon sold a great deal of his personal stock which could lead to Victor losing NE. all Jack has to do is find a person to team up with and it's GenV who has also bought Newman stock with the money Tucker paid her.

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Re: Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

Postby vikis3 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:21 pm

I really don't care if Phyl goes to jail or not...just an follow up article in RS so everyone can stand in judgement of her and that phick is finally over, I don't care who either of them end up with...doing the happy dance :-) it over :-) :D

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china doll1942
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Re: Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

Postby china doll1942 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:44 pm

Quote porcha: I refuse to watch the show if Phyllis gets off.. She is so guilty & where is justice? What an example this sets for people? She is Horrible...in her mind she did nothing & if anyone needs to go to the physico ward it is her! She has lost it over her jealousy over "Cricket". She is ate up & needs to go away!!!!! Why on earth don't they send her away for awhile? She is GUILTY, GUILTY & it is about time she pays................................Come on! NO ONE will miss her & lets get Nick a real woman more his age!!!!!!

You are so rite. Lets everyone "DEMAND" that phyllis go to jail. Charge is atempted murder.

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Re: Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

Postby jcren » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:59 pm

Quote janesBydiction:
Quote habbyfan:
Quote janesBydiction:
Quote granny45:
Quote Yale Steam: Phyllis is a main character and she is popoular. This is also a soap opera and this happened literally 20 years real time and it soap time. Did you really expect her to jail for years to come?

NOPE! The only way the statutes of limitations aren't up on this is because the writers "rewrote" history and said the bug was a federal agent ~) - which she wasn't at the time of the crime, anyone watching back then obviously knows that! That probably has something to do with the outcome of the trial! ;)

You echoed my thoughts perfectly gran. They so blatantly rewrote Chris's Federal agent status so that this case could be tried. I can see JG wanting to put this story line to bed by having some technicality surrounding Chris's FA status be the reason Phyllis gets off. Plus MS has been filming scenes with MM this week so I doubt she is in jail mid November.

Wrong ... Christine told Michael and Ronan she was working with the FBI on a rape case at that time and although she was not an agent ... she did have the bureau's protection.

Oops that slipped my mind however that was not the point. The point was that this was a re write. At no point was it ever stated in 1994 that she was working on a federal rape case. MAB just added that in there so that Phyllis could be prosecuted.

And Phyllis having a sister and a daddy in jail is also a rewrite. Just like Phyllis' 'footslipping' (if they actually make it so this bullsh!t was an accident) is also a glaring rewrite.

Point being, there have been a lot of rewrites. Christine being an FBI agent is hardly the first. LOL

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Re: Y&R Spoilers: Week of October 15th

Postby Just Mary » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:12 pm

Quote jcren: Oh it was a big deal. Summaries don't get into the fact that it also wasn't even her first attempt on her life. This thing was drawn out over many weeks of her planning it out.

Paul got hurt the worse. Christine was pretty banged up though. But she tried to murder a woman.


Are we watching the same soap? Paul knocked Christine to the ground, they fell on snow. Neither one of them got hurt. I do not know of anybody else Phyllis has tried to kill.

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