Spoilers: Sneek Peeks for the week 9/03/07 & 9/10/07

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Re: Spoilers: Sneek Peeks for the week 9/03/07 & 9/10/07

Postby Intrigued » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:54 pm

Sharon and Jack break-up would be alright.. as long as she doesn't get back with Nick.. because well let's face it.. that would mean Sharon won all the way around..

Nick cheated.. they broke up.. Phyllis got pregnant.. and is now in jail.. because Sharon cheated.. and if she gets back with Nick it would be like she was untouchable.. Sharon gets what she wants..

Although my hopes may be lost in translation.. I think Phyllis will provail

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Re: Spoilers: Sneek Peeks for the week 9/03/07 & 9/10/07

Postby Delilah127 » Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:10 pm

Quote silva8: Sharon and Jack are NOT breaking up. Sharon is DEFENDING her husband. But according to SOW Brad will try to break Jack and Sharon up. I don't think he will be successful.

Sharon Case, Peter Bergman and the powers that be at Y&R seem to be 100% invested in the SHACK marriage.

Ah I see the magic 8 ball has spoken! ;)

Hey I'm going to Seattle next week, can you tell me how the weather is going to be? Should I pack light, or take my umbrella? ;)

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