Phyliss and Summer

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Phyliss and Summer

Postby crazy4GSXR » Tue Aug 28, 2007 5:42 pm

I felt so bad for Summer today to pretty much grow up without a mother is just really sad, it would be diffrent had she never met her mother but she knows her face and the way she smells, Baby summer can't say I miss Mommy but that doesn't mean she isn't completly aware that her mother is gone, even though Phyllis should have been punished, 6 years is excessive. You all know I am a Brad fan so this is not a post from someone who loves Phyliss know matter what she does, If it was me I would be out with my kid so quick they would never find me or my daughter, i know it is wrong but I could never bought my daughter down walk away and let Stripperella(nikki) raise her. Also one last thing Nick did say all the right things to Nikki regarding summer, I know I'm gonna get ripped for this one but remeber I am a Brad fan who's a Brad, Nick and Jack fan who is starting to Like Phyliss :)

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