SOD, SID,SOW and Writers........(Spoiler talk)

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SOD, SID,SOW and Writers........(Spoiler talk)

Postby StaceyT » Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:13 pm

Ok you all, the mags and writers are playing games with all the viewers, I mean one week its Cadrian arguing the next week its Shick in a vault, the next week is Phick and the dirty sock lmao... but come on ~) Lets not all get sooooo dishearted :) Its a soap and these mags are going to say and put on the cover what SELLS!!! The writers interviews and actors are not going to tell us a thing... ;) If they told the truth nobody would watch :-) Its all just a vice to HOOK us in even more, and it works lol

One thing I believe is : Shick will be together again. Summer will be Jacks and Adrian will be related to someone in GC. Soaps are not that hard to read. Look at all the telling signs and the storylines roll right into place. Some more though out than others ;) Just enjoy it ~ it is after all Fiction :)

Go, Shick, Go!!! :D

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