Major Spoilers: Sneeks Peeks for week of 8/27/07

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Re: Major Spoilers: Sneeks Peeks for week of 8/27/07

Postby sunshine2 » Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:32 pm

Quote Bedroomeyes:
Quote JanND: Nick and Sharon have both done their share of cheating. Didn't Nick cheat with Sharon BFF Grace, twice! And then Phyllis. Sharon cheated with Diego and Brad. She didn't cheat with Cameron, as I have seen posted before. As I remember it, she left home over guilt from the Diego affair and got drunk in a hotel bar in Denver. Cameron took her up to his room and raped and beat her up real bad. She stayed away until her face healed up or something like that. It seems like they can never have a faithful couple on the show!

Nick STARTED this cheating thing by sleeping with Grace after going out for drinks with his buddies. NOT only did he cheat on Sharon, but screwed her best friend under her own roof. NOW, may not be right, but in my book, Nick had it coming back to him big time. THEN he cheated on Sharon AGAIN with her best friend in Colorado, Sharon came back to the room for something and overheard Grace and Nick discussing their night together, she was so distraught that she walked in front of a car, got hit and could have lost her life. That was two to Sharon's NONE, Sharon returned home, broken hearted to find out her husband slept with her best friend, that's how she ended up sleeping with Diego.

Sharon would have never cheated on Nick, she was happily married, she wasn't sitting around lusting after other men the way Nick was lusting after Grace, his wife's best friend. Even Victor tried to warn Nick about Grace and the type of woman she is, but he ignored it, KNOWING all the time he'd already hit that once. Kept Grace at his finger tips waiting for his next opportunity which was his sick new born that Sharon wanted to stay home with instead of going to Colorado. AND Nick like the spoiled brat he is, felt HE should come first and not their illing pre-mature new born, GOT hot at Sharon and showed her by sleeping with GRACE for the SECOND time.

SO say what you will, Sharon was more than willing to be the wife and mother Nick and their kids needed, she was driven into the arms of other men by Nick's infidelity, which happened on MORE than one occassion. Just like her affair with Brad would have NEVER happened, if he'd just been the man he should have and stuck by his family instead of screwing the town tramp.

Yes,that is true,but others will twist that truth around and blame it all on sharon. There is not that much that can be blamed on her so they have to nitpick over the small things in order to justify their dislike of Sharon. Now this is only How I See This and this is my opinion. Very good post and it is in correct order of how the events occurred.

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