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Re: New: No Bashing Sharon Thread

Postby Nezy » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:07 pm

bee242424 wrote:
Nezy wrote:
TigerEyes017 wrote:bee242424 Do u think they will win this custody battle?
Why can’t they mention Nikki’s issues bc she lives with Victor?

I'm hoping Sharon will mention Nikki killing J.T. before she let Victor win. I hope this is leading up too it.

I want nick and sharon to hit victor and nikki when they least expect it. I don't want them coming into this with hearsay, b/c without proof presented it will be nick/sharon's word against nikki/victor, and since Victor has such an influence in the world then nick needs to to give a blow to that. I still think Nick should come with proof, concrete evidence proving victor was behind Chloe going after Adam. How Victor used Chloe's grief to his advantage, used christian to blackmail Adam, and how his actions lead to Adam's death. This is about father and son, so lets go after how victor ended up destroying his own son and as a result ripped christian's biological father from the chance to at least know that christian is alive.

Me too! They need to expose this. I wish they would move off that ranch and I know faith thinks grandpa is wrong too. Maybe they can have Neil’s old place or even Abby’s house since she is on the ranch LOLOLOLOL
Sharon looked beautiful in that dress and the garden scenes were beautiful (I’m ignoring that JT is there)

I love sharon's cottage, it fits the character perfectly IMO, so I would hate for her to lose it. On the other hand I agree, I think they all need some distance from victor and the only way to accomplish that is to at least have their own property where he isn't a presence, and they can always kick him out if they see fit. Victor is just so vile in this fight, and I want nick to come out the winner against him, but at the same time I don't feel that sorry for nick. He has no problem using kids to control someone, so I kind of look at this as his karma.

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