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Re: New: No Bashing Sharon Thread

Postby Nezy » Mon May 21, 2018 4:36 pm

Blue 501 wrote:
Nezy wrote:^ Yes the writing was terrible for almost every single character, and IMO its the reason why we are at a point with the show where people have given up on the show to a degree. I think LML, MAB, PRATT/JFP have all lead to me not tuning in as consistently as I once did. So much bad writing, OOC characters, confusing or down right stupid plot points for the last 10+ years has taken its toll. I feel for Mal, b/c although I don't like some of his storylines, at least they are more character driven and I can recognize who vet characters are again.

They lose loyal viewers when they take beloved characters & write them as doing such horrible things IMHO. If we cannot even like a single character, where is the incentive to have any loyalty to the show, right?

True. I know people like to talk about the past and how it should stay there, but when the past was so ahead of its time the present doesn't compare then whats a viewer to do. When I watched in the mid 90s there were characters who were clearly defined, and although they either regress, grow, or evolve its never to the point where you have no idea who you are looking at anymore. They did this to sharon, and it got so bad that even viewers that weren't fond of the character in the past started calling foul. Myself and many people I know who still watch were fed up with her being the scapegoat and the villain, and writing her so close to the edge ended up backfiring on the network IMO. She's just one example of taking things too far and now b/c of it there is no one who's as root worthy as they use to be.

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