New: No Bashing Sharon Thread

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Re: New: No Bashing Sharon Thread

Postby Nezy » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:53 pm

Blue 501 wrote:
Nezy wrote:Here I am enjoying Sharon and Scott and here comes Nick to ruin it all. WHY WHY Is he going to Sharon with his issues? Can't he just leave her alone? Where is Chelsea, she can relate to how Victor can be (more than nick knows) so I am sure she would be willing to listen and be there for him. Turn to her, and let Sharon and Scott be.

I was all hoping for some more canoodling, and doofus nick ruined it. :evil:

He is probably a little jealous over Victor's relationship with Scott too. Abby too.

Yup, ever since he watched Scott and Sharon at the coffee house, he's been showing signs of feeling threatened by Scott's presence.

Scott is viewing Victor as more of a father figure the more time he spends with him. Add to the mix Scott's interest and involvement with Sharon and watch the jealousy get worse with time.

Nick can feel whatever he wants, just wish he would do it at a distance and stop interfering in Sharon/Scott's time together. This is what I want, but of course its not going to happen that way.

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Re: New: No Bashing Sharon Thread

Postby sharfan » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:19 pm

Sharon and Scott cant get anymore cuter, i so adore these two together they keep growing on me. There scenes today were beautiful and hot. I think shott have amazing chemistry and most of all sharon is just glowing she looked stunning in that white shirt then cami and floral pants plus that smile throughout the episode aweeee just cant get enough of it and shott for that matter.

My little shick heart though still love seeing them in scenes together, down the road im sure they will reunite but right now i want Shott.

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