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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby smallworld » Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:54 pm

TwoOfEach wrote:A big part of the problem is that JH is probably leaving YR. He spent the last couple of weeks filming a pilot and if NBC picks it up, he'll be gone by June. Even if it doesn't get picked up, pilot season starts all over again in October and he'll be auditioning again. So they are writing Chadam at odds now so that if he leaves they can break Chadam up before Adam exits the canvas to give the character of Chelsea a chance to form another pairing. And if he stays, they can either repair the damage or go with Adage. I don't think Adage is in the cards until they know JH's status which is why they are strengthening Nage.

It will be difficult to lose another actor playing Adam, most especially JH, who has done an impeccable job taking over for MM. I wonder if he can do both. That is wishful thinking on my part. Chadam's love story was once so well written. Two lost misfits finding each other, in a town filled with judgemental snobs ,who gradually fell deeply in love.

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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby Jacee Wojo » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:12 pm

Keepchadam wrote:HI again.i know Chelsea signed away her parental rights, but she added a caveat. She insisted johnny know who she is and she wanted to have a share in his life. I think its important for her to have a part in his life. After all he is Connors brother and I think they should grow up with that knowledge. They live in the same town and travel within the same circles. Johnny and Connor may fall in love with the same girl. Besides I'm interested to know how Johnny will feel about Chelsea.

I really wish we could see her at work. Maybe she could buy a couture boutique especially since Lauren isn't on much anymore. They could write a mystery surrounding the boutique. They could bring in a crooked designer, male of course. Give the story a beginning, middle, and ending. Chelsea is very talented and could carry the story off. Adam could be working at NE and Chelsea at her place.

I think Chelsea will be worrying about Adam being sucked back into NE. The first marriage they had Chelsea worry about Adam. She was insecure about him and Sharon. She was worried when she learned Adam was covering for Sharon when she set fire to victors ranch. She was worried and left him when he started working for Victor. They didn't let her have her own story until she divorced Adam. Well just have to see how everything pans out especially when she learns that baby is alive.

Oh well I love Chelsea and Adam and would love to see them remain together for a long time like lily and cane.


Thanks for info that she added a caveat when she signed away her rights. I guess I had forgotten that because it seemed like Victoria was very nervous about Chelsea being around Johnny back then. You are right they are brothers and both should be in each other's lives. I don't think they show enough of the kids these days. I like your idea about a couture boutique with a mystery surrounding it. I wish the writers could come up with ideas like this instead of it always being about the feud between NE and Jobat. It just gets so tiring.

I agree with you about Chelsea's talent and look how long they kept Chelsea with Billy. If they could write for her then why should it be any different now that she is back with Adam? We never heard her complain about Billy and Jabot. I actually would prefer if Adam was working for Jabot at least for awhile and stayed away from Victor. I think it's because all Victor does is come up with one plan after another to take Jabot down and this whole Marco thing was going way too far imo. Of course Victor never loses so I don't expect him to now either. Jack doesn't seem as dirty to me and I loved how close Jack and Adam were at one time. Although before others knew about the Marco thing why have Chelsea so upset that Adam wanted to work at NE? When she wanted something she had no problem seeking Victor's help. Having her go back and forth with how she feels regarding where he works just ends up making her a nag. Better still have Adam start a new company and be in competition between NE, Jabot and his company. He certainly is talented enough. I hate how they don't follow up on some of the s/l's that they start like the one about Constance's husband and Victor being behind the corporate takeover that led to Gabriel's father committing suicide. I guess that pales to the one about Marco. :lol:

I loved the early days when they were first together. Chelsea back then was the person who Adam realized he needed in his life and she never judged him for his past mistakes. He helped her turn down Victor's huge offer of money to leave town as well as the financial help from Billy and Victoria. She worked at Jimmy's back then and he helped her get her GED. They worked together to become better people. There was the whole thing about finding out who her real father was and other s/l's that just made their whole relationship far more interesting then her constantly worrying about him and business all the time. Aww the good days. :D I want them together as long as Lily and Cane as well. I would love to see them have another baby.

Nice chatting with you and we are on the same page. Now we just have to get the writer's on it as well. :lol:

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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby TwoOfEach » Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:20 am

Adam has stories outside Chelsea; I don't see why she can't get a story of her own. Maybe someone could steal her designs or a former mark comes to town to cause trouble. And let Adam worry about her for a change. Better yet, let them team up together on something. Maybe they could work together to get the Santori family out of Newman or build their own company together.

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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby jamilah » Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:23 am

Took me awhile to find this thread. I guess not much post here anymore. Still love chadam even though not much going on with them right now. I like adam being honest. I know they may get some angst coming up but hopefully its not some other woman or guy trying to break them up. Time for them to write something different than Adams obsession with victor. That's just so boring now. Also Chelsea needs her own story.

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