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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby smallworld » Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:01 am

I love these two together as well. They display an undying love on screen, one that can withstand anything. Neither has been unfaithful to the other. In the soap world that is quite an accomplishment.

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Re: Chadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby Jacee Wojo » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:09 pm

smallworld wrote:I love these two together as well. They display an undying love on screen, one that can withstand anything. Neither has been unfaithful to the other. In the soap world that is quite an accomplishment.

Really like the way you described them above and I agree. I am hating the way the writers have been writing Chelsea the last few episodes and I guess it's working because there are threads about her being a nag and he should let her go. IMO the writers are doing this on purpose so that Adam and Chelsea will be paired with others.

I can see them pairing Adam with Sage because she is a favorite of the head writers and they have been doing everything to get the fans on her side. When the writers had Sage punch Dr. Anderson who was hated it was a great move to make her more popular. Believe me I was happy to see her do just that, but I like Sage with Nick and just because she did that it didn't make me forget about Chelsea and jump to wanting Sage and Adam together.

I just wish they would write something stronger for Chelsea instead of her constantly nagging at Adam. I don't have a lot of faith with the writers so don't expect much. I know Chelsea has never been a fan of Victor and wish Adam didn't work for him, but what does she want him to do? She was mad at him when she thought he was working with Lucca to bring Victor down and then when he told her he was actually going to bring Lucca down and he was working with Victor she was unhappy about that. That kind of writing makes no sense. Plus the constant telling him that he is keeping secrets from her. Why would any woman have to know every little thing that goes on at work? He doesn't question what she does regarding her fashions. It's just senseless writing.

On Monday's US show they have her threatening to leave and taking Connor unless he is truthful with her so he finally tells her about Noah which really is not her business and it wasn't like he had been lying to her since he had just found out himself. Then what do the writers have her do, but rush off to Billy to tell him. Why do they have her do stupid things like that? First of all after what Billy did to her at the wedding why should she be so concerned about him? It's like she can forgive everyone, but not her own husband. Once there she determines that Billy is happy so she ended up not telling him anyway, but after she left Billy starts thinking and even wonders if Adam was behind the hit and run. Again, why are the writers doing this? She potentially could have Billy flying off the handle and ended up getting Adam in trouble until Victoria told him it was not possible since Adam was at the Top of the Towers. She also grilled Marisa trying to find out the secret. Why does she need all this information? She is forgetting what Adam has done that is good. How about when the fire broke out at the PH and Adam saved both Billy and Connor. How about when he was in the hospital and escaped because he thought his wife and son were trapped in the Newman Towers fire? Don't these acts mean anything to her?

Also, who does she go running to when Adam is in trouble? Victor of course. When Adam was in jail she told Victor to do anything possible to get Adam out. Same goes for when Adam was kidnapped. I'm no fan of Victor, but Chelsea has to stop and think that when she needs help she had no problem asking Victor.

My last part of my rant is the so called secret that Adam is keeping about Christian's identity. Again, a writer rewrite. What really happened in the original s/l was that Adam went to Sage, Nick and then Chelsea saying he could possibly be the father to Christian. At the time the only one of the 3 that still thought he was Gabe was Nick. Sage of course knew and he had just come clean with Chelsea a couple of weeks prior to that. Sage had gotten a paternity test and she said Nick was the father and that she wasn't lying to Nick. Nick even told Gabe/Adam to get his own test if he didn't believe it. When Adam kept insisting it was possible he was the father to Nick Chelsea came upon them arguing and she wanted to know what was going on. That was when Adam came clean to Chelsea that he could possibly be the father because he and Sage had a ONS the day that Chelsea was suppose to be marrying Billy downstairs and Nick had broken things off with Sage for a bit. Why would Adam hire someone to change them to show Nick was the father as Victor is claiming and then go around telling the 3 involved that he could be the father? It makes zero sense and the biggest thing is how can this be a secret Adam is keeping from Chelsea when he told her? IMO the writers decided that it would be better to rewrite a s/l having Adam never telling Sage, Nick or Chelsea about possibly being the father and that way they could use it longer with Victor blackmailing Adam and also being another big secret he was keeping from her. Judging from many comments I have read on various sites it worked and the majority of people have forgotten. It's in the transcripts because when the Victor blackmail came out I thought what had I been wrong in what I remembered and started searching the transcripts until I found it.

Sorry for the long rant, but it's the writers I am disappointed with, but I remain a Chelsea and Adam fan and always a Chadam fan. If they split them up I will take a break as I did before. None of the s/l's interest me except Chadam.

Chadam Forever!!!

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