Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

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Re: Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

Postby countrygal7 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:53 am

nightropro wrote:I think most viewers are sick too death of this SL and Sharon. Oh and dont let me forget about her sidekick partner in crime Mariah. :roll:

There must be consequences for this level of deceit, cannot wait for Dylan to leave her, she has no idea how others feel, a true narcissist !

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Re: Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

Postby janetb » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:16 am

Men never learn their lesson about Sharon. She lies, manipulates and for the second time has knowingly taken a child from Nick. Dimwit Dylan buys whatever lies and excuses she and Mariah come up with. After everything she's done, including the threat of blackmail if he didn't give her more time with Faith, Nick still trusts her and thinks she's his friend. I'm not expecting much from the reveal other than Sharon and Mariah being exposed and despised but it won't last. No one pays on this show and victims don't matter.

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Re: Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

Postby janetb » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:51 pm

Wednesday Canadian/Thursday U.S.

More bug eyed panic for Sharon. Paul calls from the new facility to say Patty's transfer already happened and she had a complete meltdown. He finally figures out that she had planned to escape. Sharon thinks they have to get Paul out of there and suggests a fake emergency trip to the ER for Christian. Using Christian is the last straw for Mariah she can't do this anymore and leaves. Patty wants to see Sharon and she goes with Dylan. Patty makes comments that have Sharon terrified she's going to tell and Dylan leaves to see Patty's doctor. Sharon apologizes but the move happened so fast she couldn't plan an escape. Dylan is watching her through the window and at home wants to know what she said to Patty. Sharon gives another of her speeches about being drugged and feeling trapped and of course Dylan feels bad for upsetting her.

Preview shows Sharon telling Mariah she needs her more than ever, and Mariah knows it's about helping patty escape.

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Re: Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

Postby nightropro » Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:36 am

Sharon dont have many fans on facebook either,lol. People are downright sick of her and mariah and I hear Nick is having a meltdown and its all Sharon's fault he lost his wife and son. She couldve made him happy to at least have his son to enjoy but NO selfish twit claims him as her own. Im so glad this mess is coming to a end.

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