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Re: Anti-Sharon Newman Club (No Fans)

Postby janetb » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:44 pm

Wednesday Canadian/Thursday U.S.

Today was Faith's birthday party, but not such a great day for Sharon. Nikki makes a comment about Christian being so big and starting to walk when he doesn't turn one until late November, none of her other grandkids walked that early. Sharon had her usual stunned look of panic and brushed it off. Later at home the phone rings and it's another call with no one there. Dylan answers and thinks it's anther wrong number while Sharon looks terrified and he says it's been happening a lot.

The preview shows Nick at Sharon's and it sounds like he knows about her matchmaking and isn't happy. Faith told Chelsea that her birthday wish was for Daddy to be happy. He is and Mommy was right it's because of her(Chelsea).

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