Hot Couple Alert!!! - CHELSEA & CANE

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Re: Hot Couple Alert!!! - CHELSEA & CANE

Postby butterfly affect » Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:37 am

Quote cansea:
Quote Sinny12:
Quote Tambam:
Quote Sinny10:
Quote cansea:
Quote aussiefox:
Quote cansea: WOW!!!

SPARKS between Cane & Chelsea today!!

Aussie Con Man Cane finally met his match in Con Woman Chelsea.

Two International Con Artists.

Did you see Cane's face?? Chelsea took his breath away. You can tell he was FEELING her!!

:D :D :D

Hell yeah!!! Chelsea is a fox. Cane deserves some love from a hot woman. Can't wait for them to hook up!

Cane does deserve a woman on his same level. Chelsea is a con artist and a bohemian like Cane. She GETS him.

YES YES YES. I so agree. I would love to see him with a conniving con just like he is.

She's cute too!! I am like you. I liked Cane way way back. But him and Lily are just boring to me. If he's to stay on the show like everyone petitioned for, they must compromise. The writers don't want to write him and Lily anymore. Maybe I can like Cane again. But if it's true that Cane gets with this new girl poor old Lily!!! she forgave him for his how many deceptions??? Only to be passed over for the first pretty face!!! YIKES!!

Looks to me like there are quite a few that don't like Cane or Lane. Cane used to be an ok character until they put him with the child.

Cane had more fire with Amber. Lily acts like his daughter. Cane has to baby her all the time. Chelsea is his equal.

Okay i'm not against this pairing but how can you say he's her equal when the character has only been shown once and we know nothing about her?

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