Is Kevin Gay?

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Re: Is Kevin Gay?

Postby Jim and Terrie » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:02 am

Quote Wombat44:
Quote clicquot1:
Quote simscb:
Quote Pipo: I have thought Kevin needed to come out of the closet for years. He is as gay as they come.

These three characters are gay in REAL LIFE:
Michael, Kevin and Ronan.

This is one of the BEST reponses to one of these "gay" is he or isn't he threads that I have ever read.

Thaks for a chuckle to start my Monday morning

I really think you mean to say the actors who portray the characters are gay not that the characters are gay in real life. I knew about two of the actors but not the third but I think there are probably many actors who are gay but are closeted for the sake of their careers. Many people don't seem to have a problem when a straight actor plays gay for pay so why do some have a problem when a gay actor plays straight or leading man? Not saying you are just a question to throw out there.

I don't really care one way or the other.

Kevin, the character is not gay and tptb have never even shown him to be questioning his sexuality.

I've never seen him question his sexuality...but he has questioned his species...for a while there he thought he was a chipmunk. :D

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