Who is Avery Clark?

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Re: Who is Avery Clark?

Postby soapgran » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:38 pm

Quote raffasgirl:
Quote laneluva:
Quote chancegirl: Jessica Collins Joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Collins will arrive July 27 in the contract role of Avery Clark, a high-powered attorney who will represent the accused murderess Sharon Newman. Could Nick Newman finally be getting a new love interest?

She is a drop dead gorgeous blonde BTW...We know how Nick loves blondes...She is smokin. She has also been given a contract.

You didn't get that Nick Newman part from Twitter because I did a search on Twitter and nothing came up with his name even remotely connected to Avery. TV guide posted something but instead of the Nick Newman part that we see here, they mention that Victor Newman hires her.

Here is the TV Guide link


This is what they said:

Who doesn't love them some Jessica Collins? The former daytime suds queen turned prime time stalwart will hit The Young and the Restless July 27 in the contract role of Avery Clark. A rep for the top-rated CBS soap tells TV Guide Magazine that Avery is a high-powered attorney — is there any other kind? — who will represent the accused murderess Sharon Newman. Who hires Avery? The Mustache! (And we know how much he likes hot blondes!)...

But again, there is not a thing on twitter about her being for Nick. :D

lol! Busted!

I don't think Chancegirl was saying the part about Nick came from twitter. I believe I was one of the first who mentioned that just as a speculation.

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Re: Who is Avery Clark?

Postby trixie60 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:45 pm

Quote noony6:
Quote chancegirl:
Quote noony6: Wow, she is gorgeous! And she looks so young, like younger than Leslie! She must have climbed the legal ladder pretty quickly!

I'm not sure who they'll pair her with romantically, but I would love it if her & Sharon became friends afterwards. Sharon needs a good girlfriend again. I know we've all said that a million times, but it's been slim pickens since Dru died.

I got the post from twitter. The first paragraph anyway...then I looked her up and and saw how pretty she was. I hope the post is right and she and Nick do hook up. I would like for Sharon to have a new friend too. But yes, Avery is soooo pretty.

The more I think about it, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing what Nick would be like with a new lady. He had alot of potential with Diane in the begining, before they skanked her all up & ruined her. As long as he doesn't act like he did with Phyllis. I want to see him faithful & 100% with one woman for a change!

ITA. I'm tired of seeing Nick in the wrong way. But most of the guys on this show cheat. It's to be expected on the show after watching it for so long. But a different story line for Nick would be great with someone else. And seeing Nick being faithful for once would be very different. It would be quite a twist. I would like to see it if the show ever went that way.

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Re: Who is Avery Clark?

Postby suzypea » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:37 pm

Okay, how about these scenarios. Remember when Lauren was pretty convinced that Phyllis was really Sheila? She even told her basically that she would never trust her because of that. What if Phyllis is still Sheila and Avery is tied to that knowledge? Or, remember when Phyllis killed that "friend" in a fire years ago? Maybe Avery knows about that?? I mean, she could be related to Phyllis, but it seems more likely that she has some dirt on old crazy Phyllis and that's why it said Phyllis and Nick's relationship would be tested.....

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Re: Who is Avery Clark?

Postby sharons fan » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:58 pm

Sweet alexandria,
I know exactly what you're saying about avery clark not looking the part for young and the restless. The thing is she is so new, so she really stands out but even so, she is just a lil hott in the obvious sense, I mean almost all the actors are hott but she is just like abby too young and too sexy, and maybe also bc of her fake blonde hair, well even if its not fake but her hair is too brassy blond... she and abby both could do pornos if they wanted to lol or a music video, with not much if at all,effort. I really like avery. Who knows what y and r will make her agenda iinto but... I'm thinking they could change directions very easil. Right now, she truly is trying to get her out but since she ran into her mia sis on friday , lil by lil, phylis is going to push her in some sort of way to amnipulate her to leave sharon behind bars because of her insecurity with nick. Hasent everyone seen how much better phyliss has been? Since sharons not around? She has nick all to herxself and she is relishing in it... she looked like a deer in headlights when she heard sharons atty is so great...not long before she knew its her sister... I think avery could get involved with nick if that's what y and r want... but they may have a diff direction too... I always want nick and sharon back together personally. Buti also like the idea someone mentioned something about avery getting sharon out of prison, and they become friends... since dru isgone who does she have??? Good idea who ever said that...Elle in fort lauderdale

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