Lost Kritters Refuge & Club House/No bash please

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Re: Lost Kritters Refuge & Club House/No bash please

Postby Blue 501 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:34 pm

grammylove wrote:I love your stories, Blue. The sun is shining in my town as well. Since I am now widowed, I have moved with my daughter to this little community near the ocean. It is well known for it's surfers, so I have found a lovely spot where I often take lunch with a little bottle of champagne & watch them ... also can spot the occasional group of dolphins. The locals who grew up here will come no matter what the weather. I have met a dad with his 4 year old daughter who comes regularly to surf. She is in her little pink wet suit, helping to carry her little pink surfboard. He takes her way out & she lays on her board & paddles in. He tells me he has been bringing her since she was 2. I also spend time at "Swami's", a meditation garden owned & maintained by Buddhist monks - It is a heavenly place to sit & be quiet!

I haven't been here long but I have adjusted, and all in all, this is a pleasant place to spend my last years.

That sound so lovely. I know you had some pretty rough years and deserve this peace. I am glad you are with your daughter. Are you on the west coast?

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