Jack needs to keep Jabot and Not Resale It to Katherine!!

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Re: Jack needs to keep Jabot and Not Resale It to Katherine!!

Postby Guest » Fri May 25, 2007 12:48 am

Quote Joshlvr:
Quote george:
Quote Joshlvr: So... do u mean give it to the brother since he carries the Name Abbott??? and she's a woman and doesn't keep her last name??? Well ... why can't she be like Hillary Rodham Clinton and keep her maiden name that way she can have it ALL!!! That's what "I" would do!!! I wouldn't give it to my brother...

Just call me Ms. Greedy ;) >) :D ;) HAHAHAHA.....

No, you give it to your brother because he's been screwed by outside interference and you help with the business and work hand in hand with your brother. You give it too him,because it is the right thing to do!!

But John didn't want to leave the company to Jack! Even tho u are right about Gloria !!! Why couldn't Ashley run the co. and have Jack work there too!!! They were both his children so it would stay in the family!!!

Jack can fight his own battles and let's let Ashley keep what she pays for! Actually... Jack could start his own NEW co. that could be more successful than his father's. ;)

Since Jack has been screwed from owning Jabot, Ashley can step in help her brother with the ownership of the company. That way it is kept in the family and Jack still owns the company. That is my take and I'm not going too keep restating the obvious. Personally it makes perfect sense.

Why wouldn't John not want his son too own the company? If anything he would want Jack to own the company, rather than some outside of the family.

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