Why Phyllis still has her nerve to go around with Brad?

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Re: Why Phyllis still has her nerve to go around with Brad?

Postby jackspaniel » Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:03 pm

Quote analisa:
Quote starrsctt: Sharon found out about Nick and Phyllis affair. Sharon bought lingerie like Phyllis bought, one time they were at the shop. Sharon took Nick out of town to the hotel that Nick and Phyllis stayed during their affair.

Phyllis knew that Sharon knew about her affair with Nick, she followed them to the hotel and order room service with a note in it hoping Nick will get it and come down to see her for what she wanted to tell Nick, but Sharon got it. Sharon wore the lingerie like Phyllis bought for her affair, Nick seemed not too surprise about it. Sharon she was on and on about his affair indirectly. Phyllis kept calling Nick on his cell phone, but Sharon took it and turn it off.

After Sharon ranted about his affair Nick could not say a word. And Sharon told Nick that Phyllis was downstair waiting for him!

Sharon did not go and blaickmail Phyllis to quit her job or she will go to Victor. But Phyllis blackmail Brad and Sharon to get what she wanted and it is still not enough. Now, she still goes to Brad and threat him all over again.

She is "evil".

Why would Sharon have to blackmail Phyllis to leave her job ?) Phyllis was single, and telling Vic ?) what sense would that make.......

Exactly! Sharon didn't blackmail anyone - she just turned to her sister-in-laws groom for "comfort?".........Everything Sharon does it's because she is "confused" - everything Phyllis does it is because she is "evil" - LOL, LOL, LOL

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Re: Why Phyllis still has her nerve to go around with Brad?

Postby KeepingItReal » Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:12 pm

She is what she is. :)

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