~~Gloria's face~~

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Re: ~~Gloria's face~~

Postby emnick » Wed Apr 18, 2007 5:57 pm

Quote Soulsistah:
Quote emnick: Gloria does show alot of emotion in her facial expressions and yesterday's was priceless. let's hope she goes down for this, but she probably will get Kevin and Michael to help her do some type of criminal act to cover her tracks. Gotta love her effort though! She does bring a sort of comedic effect to the show, even when she is playing dirty.

I will agree with that. While I can't stand her - I can love to hate her because she is a little bit pathetic in her attempts and manueverings to get what she wants, which makes her comedic in her own way. But she still needs to pay for what she did to my girl Ashley's cream!!!! >( :o

Indeed she does.


Re: ~~Gloria's face~~

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:54 pm

Quote crzy4shws: I agree she always held up strong to Jack, but correct me if I'm wrong. hasn't Jill always been her friend? I didn't watch until John was in the Hospital dying and it seemed Jill and Catherine were always on her side. Why would she want to do this to Jill?

Yeah, Jill took her side with Jack so that just shows you how low she'll go.[/quote]

Her friendship with Jill means nothing to her. Her eyes are on the money, she knows Will has. It isn't Will she wants, it is what he has. She'll probly win him over, as it looks like he is blind to her schemes, and she gets by with most everything.


Re: ~~Gloria's face~~

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:07 pm

Quote kimyla: I loved the look on her face, It was priceless.. I have to agree.. What Gloria did was Awful...Why does she want to be with Will knowing that she would not be his first choice and getting sloppy seconds..

It is what I call a kodak moment.

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