Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

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Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

Postby LadyLamar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:48 am

I don't know if anyone else is intrigued by the episodes that that will be re-airing and what storylines they will play a part in.

It seems like there is some focus on Billy and his kids, some focus on Sharon and her spiral, some Kay and Murphy, and some Phick.

One thing I did notice was some background on Scotty who hasn't been mentioned in forever until at the wedding as an excuse as to where Lauren is, I'm thinking there may be a visit from him and possibly a storyline?

Anybody else have any speculations?

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Re: Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

Postby Gra-y » Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:22 am

I find it interesting that there are no Shick reruns. Since some seem to think they are END GAME, you would have thought that shick would be in these select episodes.

I do not think Scotty will be added to the screen at this time. I think it was just a reason to get rid of Lauren for awhile. She has been useless ever since MAB took over.

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Re: Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

Postby flygirl1969 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:18 am

My question is why all the Billy? He has been on non stop and now he's in the repeat episodes? Why would they want to revisit that awful House of Mirrors episode? The Likey wedding is always nice to see but the other choices have me RME.

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Re: Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

Postby LadyLamar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:32 pm

In this anniversary episode Marge narrates and there is a lot happening,

Katherine is waiting to get results proving she isn't Marge, AND she is proposed to by Murphy.

Then we switch to Gloria worrying about Kevin who is holding Amber hostage and playing the Silver Chipmunk Bank Robber.

Marge calls Jack and Jeff the "go to" guys of schemes.

Then there are some Nikki and Katherine scenes of her(K) reminiscing about the simple time she has spent as "Marge" working as a waitress and bowling in a league.

Then talks turn to the DNA testing of Jill/Katherine/Marge and how it will effect Jill and how the answers will work themselves out.

Next scene is Jill and Victor discussing Kay/Marge and Jill isn't convinced that Katherine is the one alive, Victor however is.

Marge reiterated the story of Katherine getting herself preggers in an affair and putting the baby up for adoption so her husband Gary wouldn't know.

Victor makes a very strange comment, he says "I didn't say she was your mother I said she was Katherine". ~ Seems foreboding now, like Victor might know more than he let's on.

Now: Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki talking about the RS cover story on Katherine. Katherine come into the scene and they discuss her memory loss both crap and long term.

Then Marge moves to talks of Nick and his love for two women and how one(Sharon) is hanging on by her fingernails.

Sharon alone writing a letter to her mom, going through her life, her shortcomings, and bad choices. Including her issues with men and sex, wondering if her problems stem from daddy issues.

Marge adds how Sharon is having a rough time and that eventually God will show her the way but until she finds her direction her life will be full of pain.

Switch to Jack and Gloria talking about Katherine, Gloria discussing how she knows it is Katherine who is alive. Enter Katherine and Nikki.

Marge talking about Clint, and then about lost souls and Kevin being tormented by first Terrible Tom and then Clint. She worries for Amber trying to reason with Kevin whose mind is gone....

Scene switches to Kevin deciding to make Amber apart of the next robbery so she is in as much trouble as he, also he refuses to allow her to call and get Michael to help them.

Now Victor and Katherine talking about true love and soul mates, Katherine calls Nikki Victor's soul mate. Although he denies it and claims to be with Ashley now.

Scene changes to Jack at GCAC where he sees Phyllis as he is waiting for Sharon, Jack expresses his desire to reconcile with Sharon and Phyllis aware of Sharon's affair with Billy can barely control the urge to share with Jack what she knows.

Scene changes to Nick trying to find out if Sharon is in her room only to learn she moved out a few days prior.

Marge adds commentary of Nick being a slave to his passion, comparing the town to trailer park trash.

Back to Phyllis and Jack where Sharon arrives surprised and nervous to see Phyllis there. Phyllis makes a dig about Billy and then Nick joins the group.

Phyllis continues to increase the pressure on Sharon by inviting Nick to join the table, Nick immediately grills Sharon about her living arrangements.

Some more Nikki and Katherine, discussing a photo crap at the diner.

Back to the Fab 4, Nick berating Sharon for moving Noah again. Sharon saying it was Noah's choice, then Phyllis learns that Billy and Chloe are in the pool house and getting married. Nick and then Phyllis leave.

Phyllis talks to Daniel as he tells her about finding Clint's body and his fears for Amber.

Switch to Amber and Kevin again, arguing about turning themselves in.

Jeff and Gloria he hired a bounty hunter to help find Kevin. Marge calls it love.

Kay at diner again, talking about a broken jukebox when Jill shows up. Argues about the DNA results...thinks the exhumed body will prove to be Katherine/Jill's mom.

Jack and Sharon waiting on the car, Sharon brooding about why she let's Phyllis get to her....Jack wonders why Phyllis's sudden interest in Billy, Sharon uncomfortable excuses herself to the restroom. Phyllis finishing up her talk to Daniel invites him to stay with her and Nick he declines saying Jana had collapsed and was in the hospital and he was going to stay with her.

More Kevin and Amber

Phyllis and Nick, Phyllis is worrying about Daniel and Nick is consoling her. Nick leaves to get car and Sharon complaining to Phyllis for pushing Sharon's buttons. Phyllis tells Sharon she will leave her alone when she stops trying to lure Nick into her bed.

Scene with Nikki and Victor, Marge commentating about their stubborn denial of mutual love.

Kay and Murphy, he proposes. She accepts and Marge approves.


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Re: Speculation/Spoiler Thread for the Rerun Episodes

Postby G.D.S.R. 5-5-10 » Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:52 pm

Rerun the May 5, 2010 episode! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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