Phyllis can't keep her nose where it does not belong!

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Re: Phyllis can't keep her nose where it does not belong!

Postby analisa » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:12 pm

Quote Dallas Cowgirl:
Quote analisa: It looked to me like Phyllis is distraught from the whole incident and is just trying for no one else to get hurt from the whole black mailing scheme. Sharon I think now realizes that Brad will never leave Vicki and her only option for happiness is Jack. :-)
Isn't that sad that a beautiful woman like her would think she has to settle. Jack is at least not a dog like Brad or Nick but I don't know if it will be "till death to us part." However, it never is in soaps, so at least she won't be marrying Fido. But Phyllis? Hmmm...never have known her to lift a finger for anyone but her. She doesn't even seem to think of anyone but her.

Yes, but it seems to me like it's "Phyllis" who just lost her best friend because she is the only one who is being remorseful and havin a hard time

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Re: Phyllis can't keep her nose where it does not belong!

Postby golden retrivers » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:13 pm

Quote jackspaniel:
Quote engtcr: Two things bother me about this character. First of all, she is carrying on like nothing has happened...Dru is dead and Sharon almost died. Whether her blackmailing was the cause or not, shouldn't she be showing some emotion? I think just about anyone else would be devastated if they had a role in this disaster! Also, why is she having any contact with Sharon at all!!! Wouldn't she feel horrible being in her presence or speaking with her? I guess this character has no conscience.

I disagree totally. Phyllis has been a wreck since the accident. It has devastated her. She has been blaming herself and has been nothing like the confident, independent, woman she usually is. She has been trying to hold it together.

she is just worried *) about jack getting hurt that's all

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Re: Phyllis can't keep her nose where it does not belong!

Postby myneenee » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:46 pm

Quote starrsctt: She still has her nerve to call Sharon to consider not to marry Jack! Is Sharon hung up on her? I haven't watched it yet, I just listen to my radio.

She can't shut up. What a nerve!

Phyllis should be careful...Seems there is always someone watching for the chance to make her pay.Just when it looks like her life is going so well,Bam.Right from the start,with Daniel's paternity,she gets herself in hot water.Great character though.

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Re: Phyllis can't keep her nose where it does not belong!

Postby starrlight » Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:00 pm

Yah, Phyllis remorseful? Looking out for her best buddy, Jack? Only Phyllis' would say that, hummmmmmmmm!

Blackmail scheme is still hot to handle. Look at Sharon's face, and where is Dru? Now, she has her conscience to care for Jack? Yah, right! Phyllis knows how to scheme!

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