Gloria will never have to answer for what she did!

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Re: Gloria will never have to answer for what she did!

Postby jackspaniel » Wed Apr 11, 2007 5:44 pm

Quote george:
Quote jackspaniel:
Quote KeepingItReal:
Quote jackspaniel:
Quote KeepingItReal:
Quote Soulsistah:
Quote pussykat: Why does John always visits Jack? Why doesn't he visit Glo Worm? If he can hear and see all of Jack's faults, why not let him pay a visit or two to Gloria? What do you think?

I agree with many posters that Gloria is sickening and needs to she goes again scheming to land another rich widow, Will - the one she cussed out weeks ago when he arrested Kevin ~) But I don't think John visits Goldigga Glo because I guess we're to believe that only Jack is the evil one in this scenario, so his conscience gets haunted, but not Glo's :0 I guess, Gloria is the latest "Mary Sue" of the show >(

Exactly Jack has a conscience Glo does not. She's suppose to be Jill's friend and here she is stabbing her in her back!!

In my opinion - if Jack had a conscience he would never have disobeyed his fathers wishes.

Of course it your opinion like all the others and mine. :)

BUT John had a condition......."Love is Blind". :D

So, Jack as the good son he was and saw through the snakes evil plan stopped it before it slither into the Jabbot family any further.

After all, the other Jabbots did work long hours with their father to build the company and the likes of Horia could keep on steppin/slithering and find some other rich man to sucker into marrying Will (seeing that she's after him too) :-)

Bottom line is John's money, John's choice for a wife, John's decision - not Jack's. My opinion

JUST LIKE IT WAS jOHN'S MONEY going to Tom Fisher, to pay him off, to keep quite. I wonder if John knew about that, how he would fancy Glow Worm then? PLEASE!!

If I remember right, John did find out and he choose to forgive Gloria. I believe the only thing that John did not know about was the face cream incident. John loved GLoria and he forgave her for her past and still loved her.

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Re: Gloria will never have to answer for what she did!

Postby Mugzvt » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:58 pm

Quote ojudy59: Glo may still get what is coming to her. Think about this. Jack got jabot back without many struggles. he is now in charge again. It seems too easy to me. Once Jack is found out and all the Baldwin/Fishers are on top of the world, no one stays there forever. That is when they will find Glo out as the storyline would pick up again. That is my opinion. :)

I think your right, Glo has to be found out. And what about Kevin and his little hidden secrets of spying and hacking into email. I think Jill will be the one to discover that. HMMMM, and good ole brother Michael. That all has to come out at some point one would hope. What about it writers???? Glo and Kevin need to be caught up with.

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Re: Gloria will never have to answer for what she did!

Postby Soulsistah » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:53 pm

Seriously, these Fisher/Baldwins need a crash lesson in reality! Gloria - well she's just disgusting. John chose to forgive her for all her sins, yet he didn't know about the horrific damage she caused because of her criminal product tampering. Would he have loved her still then? Don't think so. Bottom line for me is, she's still scheming, lying, manipulating, playing chemist, and NOT just to get back at Jack; she's messing with Jill now - the woman who took her side and defended her against Jack when he wanted her to not have any part or position with Jabot!!! Jill listened to Gloria's creative ideas and backed them, then gives the creepy Kevin a high-faloot'n job as well - and THIS is how Gloria pays her back >( ?! I just want Jill to find out, because Jill will make mince meat out of her.

Gloria needs to go down!! This Mary Sue needs to pay! :0

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Re: Gloria will never have to answer for what she did!

Postby vegreen » Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:15 pm

Gloria is utterly despicable. It is no wonder her boys turned out so badly. She is a voyeur, sitting there wathing people being secretly taped as if it were a reality TV show of some kind. And she encourages her son to do this. I hope her character is written off the show very soon. Wht a poor excuse for a human being this character is.

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