Is phyllis still in love with jack

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Re: Is phyllis still in love with jack

Postby Soulsistah » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:05 pm

Quote billsboy: I think she is. Months ago she before she had Summer she was crying to Jack that she didnot have his respect,trust,and support especially when it came to business decisions. Phyllis blew me away with how hurt she was over this. It was then a few weeks later Jack delivered Summer in the elevator and a new connection was formed between them. Jack loves Phyllis (God help him) and even told Sharon this a few weeks ago. Jack said he would always have feelings for Phyllis and I think this whole situation will have an explosive finish when the truth comes out about what she did. I think Jack will forgive her and they will get back together wheter Summer is his or not. Phyllis and Jack these days espiecially after Dru's disapperance seem closer than Phyllis and Nick do.

Excellent post - good observations. Phyllis does still love Jack and Jack still loves Phyllis. When the bomb goes off at the news of Phyllis' blackmail, it'll be Jack that will ultimately forgive her; Nick will be livid. Once the dust settles, I'm betting it'll be revealed that Summer is Jack's child ;) There is a lot of hints being dropped all over the place - even by the actors themselves in recent interviews. Phyllis needs a man like Jack, not a man-boy like Nick, IMO.

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