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Re: Shadam Fans (No Bash)

Postby LuvThatSoap » Mon May 02, 2016 5:19 pm

I just wanted to come in and say how disappointed I am in the way they are treating Sharon on this soap. You had a wonderful couple Shadam and you tore them apart and then make them seem like total strangers. You have Adam chasing this so called love of his life yet he randomly sleeps with another woman and gets her pregnant on the first try yet he and Sharon have no biological child together. Now Sharon is married to another relative of Nicks and has a baby that belonged to his Nick's wife who is now dead and Sharon is left to keep a secret that will make her look like the worst excuse for a human being ever. If this does not bring some interaction between her and Adam I don't know what will. It better not be to prop the other couple because it's past time to move over to Shadam. Adam needs to come through for Sharon and come through big. He can help her to sort this out and stand by her like she stood by him. If they don't then this show needs to end and end very soon. I saw the show on this past Friday and that was disgraceful. I'm bummed.

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