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Re: Tired of Phyllis

Postby jbean2 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:39 pm

Quote Caprica:
Quote Raspberry170: I'm sick to death of this hypocrite running around whining about her husband and his lack of respect for her or their tired defunct marriage. Phyllis needs to woman up and deal with Nick. When you lay down with a dog you get fleas, Phyllis thought nothing of slithering her way into other marriages, along with Shick marriage. Now she's getting the just comeuppance that's due to her. Phyllis needs to stop whining, dealing with it.

Sharon thought nothing of slithering her way into Victoria's marriage. And Sharinit thought nothing of putting the moves on Nikki's husband, who just happened to be her father-in-law. GMAB! Sharin is in no position to throw stones either.

"Sharon" is how to spell her name. And she doesn't throw stones. In fact, I recall her constantly pointing out the mistakes she makes. But Phyllis doesn't. She just complains about "Sharon this and Sharon that". At least Sharon had the sense to throw Nick out of the house when the affair first came out.

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