Billy & Victoria (No bash)

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby greengrass » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:59 pm

I guess Mal Young had his first meeting with the new writers today and I read that we'll be seeing Pratt's work until the end of the year

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby VillyLove2015 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:39 pm

greengrass wrote:
VillyLove2015 wrote:
greengrass wrote:I think Victor wants to get B&S back because it's really starting to make if Travis changes his mind and goes to work for Victor then he'll have Travis spy on B& yea I can see a Villy v Travis coming up.....they have to do something to draw those two together,what better way than to join forces to save B&S......the only reason Victor likes Travis is because he thinks he can use him to his advantage.

Ugh can Victor die lol I can't with him. What was Villy arguing about

At the AC they were arguing because Billy told Victoria that it looked like something suspicious was going on with her father and the lab they were arguing about the photo shoot and then it turned to how Jill keeps interfering in their lives and they decided to join forces were Jill was concerned............Travis turned Victor's job offer down but it know looks like he might take it and Billy will be right and Victoria looks really upset in the promo when all three of them are together.........Billy's laughing and Travis is looking at Victoria who doesn't look very happy.

Ohhh he is so going to work at NE

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