Billy & Victoria (No bash)

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby VillyLove2015 » Thu May 05, 2016 9:09 pm

villyforever55 wrote:With Victoria otherwise engage, I'm going to enjoy watching Billy act up. Don't care about Phyllis; she's already looking like a jealous fool and it seems Billy thinks that's funny. I mean, how can she get all jealous and possessive about Billy when she's married to her brother? Something tells me Phyllis will be nothing but Billy's booty call. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal. I do recall her sleeze shaming Sharon fo doing the exact same thing with Jack and Billy. Pot meet kettle. :lol:

I would love that...... she is ridiculous....if Victoria was there it would be Phyllis who

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby greengrass » Fri May 06, 2016 7:32 am

I think Billy does feel something for Phyllis but it's not love it's lust...when Billy's not with Victoria he will bed anybody who is willing and the gutter trash is more than willing

Billy took Fiona to the club to stick to Jack because she is a distributor for Jabot and Billy wants her to work for him.Billy is sticking it to Jack because he fired him from Jabot on Victoria's say so.

So I wonder who catch's them in the act in order for it to be a sexy disaster.I'm thinking it will be Jack

I don't want Billy with Victoria until he learns to grow up and become the man that she deserves.The way Billy is heading that may never happen

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