Billy & Victoria (No bash)

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby VillyLove2015 » Wed May 25, 2016 12:30 pm

villyforever55 wrote:
VillyLove2015 wrote:
greengrass wrote:I think there starting to set it up for the truth to come out about Billy and Phyllis and I can't wait......Jill and Ashley are going to have a field day with Phyllis

It's just me but I don't care for Victoria right now she's still out to make her father proud of her.....It's all about her father

Oh, I Love her right now. I don't have an issue with her wanting to make him proud, she isn't defending him that's what I hate..

I'm loving Victoria, too! Girl is rocking and rolling, and looking absolutely gorgeous! She got her mojo back, running Newman Enterprises, being her normal pragmatic self and not pining over Billy or Brash & Sassy. Yes!

She has been looking extra amazing lately. I don't want her chasing after someone who is acting like Billy.

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Re: Billy & Victoria (No bash)

Postby greengrass » Wed May 25, 2016 7:10 pm


Phyllis and Billy go on another bike ride but something unexpected happens(Crash?)

The wrong person learns of Philly's affair and Phyllis has to pay the price to protect her marriage

Victoria's head is spinning between Travis,NE,and her complicated relationship with Billy but someone unexpected gives her a push

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