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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby coolkraft » Mon May 31, 2010 3:05 pm

finally....a little spontaneity and imagination on Y & R..this is one great storyline. They are both so delightfully irresponsible and full of fun...they are one of the reasons I came back to Y & R...I have hope the future will bring more fun storylines and characters ... same old stuff grew boring...nick, sharon, phyllis...emily/patty...adam dead and returning..go Billy & Victoria...and Abby adds to the mix with being sort of a female Jack...

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby Keeley » Mon May 31, 2010 8:50 pm

[b]Let's keep them on screen!!! Billy and Vicky are the mini- movie I want to see each day! [/b]

Butterfly and kgrant:-) I agree! The writers finally discovered what happens when you mix romantic with "hot" + chemistry! *)
:)) :)

Madeleine she must have loved that sausage to risk everything! :o :) ;)

SandBictoria Thanks, but I tried to vote and it came up "this page is no longer available!" Thanks, though! 8) :)

Yes, what's this feeling sick about...they have us on the hook.... :] ;)

cookkraft~ too funny, we love irresponsible when it is "them"!
Abby ...a female Jack? Yes, a female Jack on steroids!!! LOL ;) :o :-) :-) ♥ hugs, all Billy/Vicky fans!!!

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby grammapam » Mon May 31, 2010 8:59 pm

Quote Keeley: grammapam ~ Oh, I bet there were a FEW takes on the sausage story line! I bet the entire video crew and staff were laughing uncontrollably! Can't wait to see more of this kind of banter! ;) :)

Mustang~ I love it...they are obviously so jealous of each other now, it is hysterical!!!
:] :) :-)

CountryMom~ You are good, I didn't really suspect this side of Vicki! Now that she is so "real" with Billy, it's like "hey, these two should have been together all along!" :-) :) 8)

Pinchy~ What...not just R-rated? ?) Ha, ha! Good one!

Sunnyflower :) :) Right back at ya!!!
Keeley...I have ta say...I love the way you post!!Its so nice of you to try and respond to everyones opinion about something and include us all in your replies.
I hope you stay around a while ;)

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby niptuck » Mon May 31, 2010 9:03 pm

Quote Keeley: :) [b]Billy & Victoria are flirty and are SO FUN TOGETHER ...I think that is why I can't wait to see these two! I LOVE that even when they try to stop seeing each other, one of them always fails at pretending there isn't still hot chemistry between them. :] They always end up in each others arms! :) :) :) ;) If you are addicted to these two...what do you love about them as the new couple in GC?? ?) ♥♥♥ ?) :]

I'm with you on this one Keeley, they are the cutest couple and i do believe Victoria is blushing and Billy boy is just as bad yeah writers bring it on these too are great together.

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby Momma Loop » Mon May 31, 2010 9:34 pm

I absolutely LOVE Billy and Victoria together! They have such great chemistry and you can just feel the sparks when they are together. GREAT pairing., they're hot together!

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby butterfly affect » Mon May 31, 2010 9:46 pm

Billy and Victoria do have so much chemistry, and I find myself always smiling when they are on.

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby Keeley » Mon May 31, 2010 11:35 pm

Grammapam!!! You are so very sweet to give me such a nice compliment! :) I plan to stay on as often as possible, I work part-time. I used to post more, but my dear friend got lung cancer, and it was a terrible time. %( She passed away...I still miss her every day. This entire year, my husband and I have tried to help my friend's husband, (he is having a hard time still) and their three grown children by keeping in close contact. I am just getting back on here, and love it. Thank you so much for making me feel like part of this friendly community. Hugs to you Grammapam! :] ♥

hi, niptuck did you just love when Billy/Vicky were going in to see Victor, Nikki & Ashley, and Billy wanted a kiss for luck...they grabbed each other and had a little hot, make-out moment! LOVE THEM!

Momma Glad you joined us! You said it, how true...SPARKS fly when they are in a room together !!!

butterfly hi again! Me, too! Somehow when Bill and Vicky are on I get a burst of happiness...and hey, who can't use some extra smiles in our day? ?) :) :) Lots of fun...that can only be good for us!!!

One of my favorites was when she said leaving town doesn't sound too bad at the moment(after Abbey announced that they were married) and Billy reminded her, "that's kinda what got us in this trouble in the first place, wasn't it!! It looked like they didn't discuss their problems very long, once they were in the trailer. (Although, not even one armpit was exposed, that we could see anyway! ;) )

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby Keeley » Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:27 am

Friends who posted you think that the annulment is off? ?) I do! Completely not going to happen now!!! New friends...let us know why you love these two. We never get tired of hearing the "sausage story" repeated, *) just so you know!

Everyone...hope your Memorial Day was enjoyable. If you have a loved one who is a soldier, God's Blessings to him or her! A big thank you to them from my family, these are the people guarding our freedom, and keeping us safe! :] ♥

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby athorn » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:37 am

It just gets better every day. To be honest I was getting so bored with the past story lines. I would DVR Y &R and then watch it maybe once a week fast forwarding through most of it. Now if I dvr it I have to watch it that night. Billy and Victoria have totally brought me in and I hope there is a little one on the way for them. I think they woudl totally do it together and they continue to just make me want to watch even more of them every time they are on together.

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Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA !!! ♥ �

Postby LadyLamar » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:41 am

I love the Billy and Victoria pairing they remind me of why I liked Phyllis and Nick together at first there is something magical about the way they are drawn to each other.

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