Shame ON OLIVIA!!!!!!

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Shame ON OLIVIA!!!!!!

Postby AmyTee » Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:56 pm

Where the heck is she??DID THEY HAVE a falling out I am not aware of?(Olivia is Dru's sister)She should be here to comfort her sister at the very least...I'd love to see her show up at Neil's door one night and have Neil open it with Carmen by his side.SHE'D say nothing but 'Hello,Neil.'AND THE ANNOUCER WOULD SHOW SCENES FROM THE NEXT DAY.Even if the original actress was not available,that would be awesome for this story.Olivia would keep her (Dru) together-or,maybe when Dru winds up in jail(90% certain it'll happen b'cus Sharon will help Carmen out....)Olivia can return then.STILL LOVE TO SEE MALCOLM COME BACK!!!

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