Adam won't get killed unfortunatly!!!

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Re: Adam won't get killed unfortunatly!!!

Postby Jenjerale » Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:50 pm

Quote 1cooky:
Quote lovealldogs: There's no way Adam's going to get killed even though the pathetic writers have set it up to look like that's gonna happen. The actor's contract isn't up til June or July.
Even if he does get will turn out eventually that Adam is NOT Victors son...he switched places with the real adam years ago, had facial surgery to look like him...etc. Wouldn't put anything past these writers. The fact that it looks like Sheila is BACK FROM the dead is beyond ridiculous! WE SAW HER DIE>......actually die so how the heck are they going to say she didn't die. Sigh. Just had to vent. Still waiting for GOOD writers for the show...then I'll start watching again!!!!

I luv Adam!!! We need more young & restless men to complete the rotation..LOL...Besides, Adam's the only smart guy (aside from Michael, of course!)on the show....even Paul is not suspicious of his own sister's idenity >(

The main reason Adam is leaving the show is because Phyllis is the only person allowed to have a brain. Michael's smart, but nobody is smarter than Phyllis, lol~

Run Adam! Run!!

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