Carmen is Alive.

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Re: Carmen is Alive.

Postby nyaccent » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:57 am

Quote Plot_Twister:
Quote CandyLane5:
Quote Plot_Twister:
Quote Cyrian: ok. so what about the theory that edit to delete spoiler and Chow's orchestrating this drama to "gaslight" Dru ?

and.....doesn't the "carmen's not dead" sorta smell like all those years of "indestructible sheila"......just redone. Guess it's harder than I thought for them to get a brand new fresh story idea ? (I'm no writer, Ever - so who am I to throw a stone.)

That doesn't explain the dna. Carmen is dead. as a doornail.

LOL George...nothing else would make nothing ever makes sense in GC lol

Twins have the same DNA.... ~)

wow! LOL I get an eyeroll! That is awesome LOL sorry I did ask about the DNA thing I may be older but I have never had twins and didn't know. LOL

I HAVE TWINS.....and not all twins have the same DNA...Only IDENTICAL TWINS have the SAME DNA....Fraternal twins are just like any other sibling, so their DNA is Different.....So unless Carmen had an identical twin...the DNA would be different.

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Re: Carmen is Alive.

Postby CandyLane5 » Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:19 pm

Quote quillpen:
Quote CandyLane5:
Quote quillpen:
Quote CandyLane5: All I know is that Dru hired the ace detective JT to find out if Carmon had a twin he never got back to her.... :|

I think they did have a scene that explained she did have a sister but not a twin and that her sister was not a look alike. And, CandyLane, you gotta stop misspelling my name. I'm beginning to become offended. I two kids who fail to be able to spell Carmen. One does the 'o' thing the other one does Carmin.... Go figure... But you...????

Back to topic... Sorry about that... So, was there a sister that JT missed? There was some mention of a cousin on the show, but no mention of what she looked like. Could it be a cousin. True the only DNA that would match would be her exact twin. So, surely it must be her that is dead. So to me the question I have been unable to come up with the answer to is this; Who Is The Carmen Look alike?????

Im so sorry I didnt know your name was Carmen,, I thought it was Quillpen, and I am married to a Latin Lover,, lol so I live in S.TX and they spell Carmen down here Carmon... soo...sorry if I offended you.

You didn't offend me. I'm being a smart --- One of my lovable traits... Gotta say, There is my first name, my middle name Irish, my maiden last name Scots, and my present last name Italian. So, I've come full circle since Carmen in Italian is a man's name. With the "e"... But being blonde, it all gets jumbled, huh?? Go ahead and use 'o' I'm only having fun.....

Isnt it wonderful when two (2) blondes understand each other???? ~)

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