Nick and Red Head

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Re: Nick and Red Head

Postby nyaccent » Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:40 pm

Just to let you all know, that I have been sick with a bad cold for the past week and could not stay on line as much as I have in the past. So many of the threads have gone thru without editing what should not be there. I finally feel a little better and can spend more time on line. I have gotten to this thread and did post comments. I will be getting to all of the other threads also. Please be patient. Also I want to remind all of you, if you feel a post that goes against the guideline, please click the REPORT BAD POST link and it will alert us to the post.

I agree with Phick4ever that there was one thread where the poster was talking about Phyllis but in a indirect way, it was bashing the actress. That post has been edited. I spotted it as I was reading the thread, but I want to thank you for pointing it out as well.

As far as saying that you think Phyllis is too old for Nick, that isn't bashing the actress at all and isn't against the guidelines. It would be like saying Nikki is too old for JT.......or Katherine to old for Brad......

Lets move on and agree to disagree peacefully. Thanks.

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Re: Nick and Red Head

Postby lesliemae » Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:43 pm

I love watching Nick and Phylis when they are doing a scene. And heard the other day they are getting married with a big fancy wedding. I hope it is a big fancy wedding. They so belong together, it was over for Nick and Sharon. As for Sharon, when is it going to come out she slept with Brad? :-) :)

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Re: Nick and Red Head

Postby nyaccent » Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:44 pm

Quote Chrissi:
Quote anadea:
Quote phick4ever: so what difference does it make how old she is, what does that have to do with anything???

Personally it seems from the post some are slamming MS on her looks, saying Phyllis looks old, which is ludicious, the woman is and has always been beautiful, and when you slam Phyllis's looks you are slamming Michelle, which I believe is against board rules.

Absolutely right. We are told to avoid bashing.

It really is against board rules to bash the actors. Just think of it this way... they're real people and if they read the posts they might be offended. I'd probably be unhappy if someone kept cutting up my looks! :| Wouldn't anyone?! :)

That's why we like to keep bashing to the characters... as long as we try to give everyone space for their own opinion. :)

I gave this some thought and I really think that all of the actresses are good looking in their own way. Phyllis (Michelle) is in crazy great shape as is Sharon (Sharon Case, with whom I spoke with this weekend on im!! Very nice girl and I invited her here!!) and ...Nikki looks pretty hot too!!

Then there are the delicious men of daytime. :) And I do go on!!!

I just responded to this issue. I always respond before I get to read the rest of the posts. I hope I addressed the issue correctly.

Wow, you IM'd with Sharon Case....How exciting. I hope she does come here and converses with us... It would be so special.....

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Re: Nick and Red Head

Postby LazyDays » Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:53 pm

Quote CandyLane5:
Quote phick4ever: Lets do the math,Daniel is 18, Phyllis was about 20 to 22 when she had him, that would make her about 38 to 40 at the oldest, Nick was 19 to 20 when he married Sharon,they would have been married 11 years that would make him between 30 to 31, what is the big deal????? Phyllis is just coming into her prime as a woman, a younger man is just what she needs!

No Phyllis was in her late 20's just like Danny Romalotti was...which would make her nearing 50....That's why her and Nikki get along... in business and in friendship.

If you remember when the show first started Brad was in his 20's working as a poolman/garnder and Victoria was a little girl and remained a little girl for what seemed like forever and now she is married to him.

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Re: Nick and Red Head

Postby CandyLane5 » Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:04 pm

Yes...Victoria and Brad are around 20 years apart... 3)

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