Who is Jana's next target

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Re: Who is Jana's next target

Postby suegerry » Sun Feb 25, 2007 7:49 am

I'm sad for Jana and hope the writers won't let us know anymore about her. Let this s/l be over with.

If they decide to bring her back for any lenght of time, I only hope she will tell the authorities what Kevin admitted doing to Colleen.

Michael nor Gloria couldn't deny this one as they both were aware of it. Hopefully they will pay for that as well.... 3)

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Re: Who is Jana's next target

Postby mdtuttle » Sun Feb 25, 2007 8:59 am

I think it would be nice to have some scenes with Jana to let us know where she is and to watch her finding out that her plan didn't work and that Dear Ole Dad is no longer there helping her orchestrate everything.... Which by the way. How does she discover he is not there. Maybe she will think Daddy deserted her and got the billions for himself, but I think that is not too realistic... But what??[/quote]

I think that would be interesting too. How is this for a theory. Now that Brad and Victoria know that Adrian isn't the boogie man maybe the will fill him in on their adventures in the tomb. Word will get back to the authorites and they will start to see that pieces of KEvin's story are matching up with what The Newman clan has been going through. It will then become public knowledge that a man was killed in the tomb when Brad & co found the treasure. Of course no one will make the connection between Jana and her dad right away, but she will see a news cast about it. Reialze it was her father that was killed and really go off the deep end.

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