After Sharon Held Faith........

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Re: After Sharon Held Faith........

Postby puddycat » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:47 pm

Quote pdames4:
Quote puddycat:
Quote pdames4:
Quote puddycat:
Quote rikoh4: [quote]Quote marylou627: I think this is going to go on for a long time. Faith will probably be Abby's age before they figure it out. I'm hoping that it is done soon, though. I want Sharon to have her baby back!

If it lasts too long, viewers will stop watching. If the writers want Adam to be loved or even liked again, his horrible deeds have to be addressed.
He has murdered characters with his actions.
He is responsible for the death of Ashley's baby. He saw to it that she never saw a real ob/gyn during a stressful pregnancy. Give Sharon her baby back. Ashley does not even spend time with her baby. That baby is Victor's grandchild, so he'll still play a part in her life.

Did I miss something, who did Adam murder?[/quot]

For starters he caused the miscarriage of an innocent fetus and he sent an innocent woman to jail. May not be considered murder to some, but it's pretty darn close in my book! He's just a damn demon in my book!

Thanks, I know about the fetus, etc., just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something regarding an "actual" murder. :)

Also, I guess we don't find out about Estella and jail, do we?

I don't know if Estella will ever be exonerated which is a crying shame. It's almost as if Heather, Rafe and Estella no longer reside in GC, then again I may have missed something! :D

No, P - - Rafe and Heather have been back on, especially Heather - - but not poor Estella. I keep hoping that when Victor comes back he will hire her back. :D

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Re: After Sharon Held Faith........

Postby niptuck » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:20 am

Quote valleycliffe:
Quote pdames4: I can't wait for an event where all The Newmans and The Abbotts are together and they all see what a calming nurturing effect Sharon has with Faith!!! :D

The writers should have such an event at New Years and wrap this sorry excuse of a s/l up!

LOL that has been my little fantasy too. only in mine, ashley and sharon are visiting at the ranch (don't care why) and the baby awakens. she starts crying cause she has heard sharons voice or whatever. ashley can't seem to calm fake down. ashley gets more and more upset cause the baby is so agitated. sharon, asks ashley if she could try and hold the baby and ashley agrees. the baby calms down almost immediately as sharon gently rocks the baby in her arms and speaks soothingly to her. maybe she even recites a poem or something like she would do when faith was inutero. then, the more the baby calms down while in sharons arms, the more ashley becomes upset and wonders why sharon can soothe the child when she can't. sharon senses ashley is even more upset and gives the babe back to ashley and says she must leave. right after she leaves, fake becomes fussy again. after ashley finally has the baby settled down she sits down to rest her eyes for minute and she daydreams sorta or remembers the night she supposedly gave birth to fake. she doesn't know why but she is very troubled by her memories.
this would probably never happen, but i just want sharon to get her baby back and then i want her to dropkick adumb.

Hey Girl Valleycliffe, You out did yourself this time, the writers need you!! Smile

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