Someone help me catch up

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Someone help me catch up

Postby Wickyz » Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:41 pm

:~ Ok..due to things happening in my life I havent watched Y&R in about a year or so I come back and I see Brad is dead? Colleen is in a coma? Lily is sick and with Cane? Paul is with Nikki? Victor is needing a transplant? Katherine is MARRIED?? Sharon is preggers? where is Nick and Phyllis? Where is Neil? I feel like Marty in back to the future when he comes back to a totally different place in time!!! Holy *%$! Someone give me the lowdown on all these happenings PLEASE


Re: Someone help me catch up

Postby Guest » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:21 pm

Brad dies in Lake Elizabeth saving Noah. Colleen became brian dead after falling into lake Elizabeth she was going to get help for Patty beacuse she was bite by a spider. Lily has ovarian cancer. She forgave Cane and is now back with him. Neil has not been around Kristoff St.John is on Vacation. Paul and Nicki are over because Nicki said she can't give Paul all of her heart. Because she love Victor.Victor was shot by Patty 3 times. Sharon is PJ by Nick . Nick and Sharon had a affair Phyllis forgave him. But they slept together agian. This time Nick leaves Phyllis for Sharon but that did not last long. He is with Phyllis agian. Phyllis is gone with Summer to get Summer the help she needs to recover from the damage patty did. Patty is Paul sister. A quick summary hope that helped.

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Re: Someone help me catch up

Postby Daisy Jane » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:24 pm

You need to read a yearly review for Y&R.

Brad drowned/froze to death while rescuing Noah after he fell in the lake while skating with Eden.

Colleen drowned in the same lake while going to get help for her kidnapper Mary Jane Benson/Patty Williams who was bit by a spider.

Lily and Cane got back together after the truth was revealed about Chloe's fake story about Cane being the baby daddy.

Cane and Lily married and not long after that she became sick with cancer.

Paul and Nikki rekindled the sparks from their youth. They were going to get married and on the eve of her wedding she called it off. She was still in love with Victor.

At the lake when Colleen drowned, Jack rescued her and Mary Jane/Patty heard him yelling. She held a gun to Jack and told him not to call for help. Then Victor intervened and shouted at Patty and she shot Victor. Victor needs a heart transplant due to the injuries.

Katherine was in a car wreck with her doppleganger, Marge Catrooke. Marge died in the wreck but she was mistaken for Katherine. Kay was rescued by her now husband, Murphy. He held her regain her memory and took care of her, they fell in love during their time together.

Sharon left Jack after she discovered more lies about the fake Victor diary and realized that Jack would always put his revenge against Victor before her. She went to the Abbott cabin to recuperate. She realized she was still in love with Nick. Nick went to the cabin to let her know that Noah was in the hospital after he fell in lake while skating. They made love and now she's pregnant.

Nick's in the hospital with Victor, Victoria and Nikki waiting for a heart transplant for Victor. He and Phyllis recently renewed their vows.

Phyllis went to Switzerland ? with Summer. Summer had some brain damage after Mary Jane/Patty deliberately kissed her after eating a peanut based cookie. Summer had a severe allergic reaction, it was touch and go for awhile but she's slowly getting better. Phyllis took Summer to a specialist that may be able to help her recover.

Neil left Newman Enterprises after once again not given the top office. He's now working as CEO for Chancellor Industries. He married Karen last December but all the while carrying a torch for Tyra. Karen left town wanting a divorce. Tyra and Neil got together but Neil decided he had to put his daughter first after she became ill. Tyra slept with Devon for comfort. Neil and Devon talked about it and still there for each other.

Lily split from Cane after she learned he lied about his true identity. After she became ill with cancer and had surgery, she need to be with him to fight it. Neil has kept his distance since Lily moved back to her and Cane's home.

Hope that helps.

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