Victor...tsk tsk

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Mrs. Sharon Newman
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Victor...tsk tsk

Postby Mrs. Sharon Newman » Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:37 am

well TGVN really out did him self this time. Bring ol' Scaryjane to GC .

now you would think he would be feeling really bad right now. i mean the woman he hires to screw over Jack Abbott , goes all Loco and poisons( sorta) his granddaughter

now how the hell is he gunna feel if scaryjanes hurts sharon, phyllis or god forbid his beloved Ashley lol

now is it just me or can everyone else not wait till it comes out that victor was the one who brought MJ to GC.

Victor is gunna have so "Splainin To Do" hahha

and don't get me wrong i like victor but he really needs to step up and deal with this .

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Re: Victor...tsk tsk

Postby shoozeyque2 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:05 am

Why should they spill the beans about Victor being behind MJ coming to GC?

After all, Jack still hasn't paid for his part in the forged diary scheme with Adam in trying to frame Victor for murder.

Victor should have just walked over and left Jack up in the rubble to die when the Clear Springs project went up in smoke, the way Jack left Victor on the floor to die when Victor had a heart attack.

There's no justice on this stupid show.

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