Days simply fabulous

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Days simply fabulous

Postby goldenpoet » Thu Jan 18, 2007 12:54 pm

Days of Our Lives has all I want in a daytime drama, tho at times corny, I love how many of the characters have come along over the years, and some have not had justice to. I really want Joseph Mascolo and Thaao Penghlis to reprise their roles as the mighty Stephano and Tony Demira. For a while, it is what kept me watching, just not the same without those villians, and Tony, is so handsome. I am 41, and can say this,lol. I do wish Days could win some awards. I love the supercouples, and hate when they break up. I wish Days would get some real good beleivable stories in tho. I hope the new baby of Hope's will be names Faith Alice, it just goes together like peanut butter n jelly! Alice after the matriarch ofcourse. I would love to see Sami marry Lucas, and the baby is his I pray, not EJ's. I hope Shawn and Belle marry also, and get claire back as it should be however while they are on the run I hope sparkles happen.

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Re: Days simply fabulous

Postby switzerland » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:58 pm

I think Days is fabulous as well! I miss Anna, Tony, Stefano, Cassie and Chloe! I am really enjoying watching the show!

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