Steve...kinda crazy today....what do you think?

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Steve...kinda crazy today....what do you think?

Postby fireflys » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:29 am

He was kinda freaking me out today when he was looking in the mirror, he's going to have some kind of weird/bad break down soon I think. ~)

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Re: Steve...kinda crazy today....what do you think?

Postby Darling89Formula » Thu Jan 18, 2007 11:47 am

I think he's trying to control these flashback episodes he's been experiencing ever since Benji gave him the devil card. Remember when the eyes started glowing, then Steve was out of it for a minute, or two. Unfortunately, I think Steve is supposed to be the assassin because after his funeral in '91, his casket was stolen, so we had the idea that he may be back someday. I think that he was a prisoner of the DiMera's who wiped out his memories and programmed him to be the assassin, then gave him a different identity, so that's why Steve had no clue about his past or who he was for all these years, only knowing that his name is "Nick Stocton" (sp?). Maybe it was luck that Jack found him at that hospital where "Nick" was his orderly, and convinced him to come back to Salem after proving they are brothers from the DNA test. I think that either way, Steve was meant to get back to Salem, and once there he would be back in the fold for a while to regain trust, having no idea that anything would come of why he had been kidnapped in the 1st place. Once the black glove incidents began, that was to be the start of the DiMera vendetta against the Brady's, and time for the DiMeras to activate Steve's brain to do what they had programmed him to do precisely at the moment they had planned to use him. The episodes that he has been experiencing are messing him up, causing him to lose it, and he knows that he acts violently when he has them, so he knows that he needs help to get himself back in control of his mind. I think that when he felt another episode coming over him, he tried to control it by playing his "harp", and when that didn't work, he realized that something needs to be done - "If you have a headache, take an aspirin...", so he knows he will need to fix it, but he needs to figure out what's wrong with him so he'll get the right fix. JMO!

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