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Re: SAMI SAMI SAMI!!!!!!!!!

Postby Starrgirlfish » Tue Jan 16, 2007 7:01 pm

I actually haven't always liked Sami but, for the past while she's been growing on me. I've always known that Sami was deep down a good person but, with some of the stupid things she's done I just wanted to strangle her. But, as I said before she's been growing on me lately. I am probably one of the few that hope that there will be a twin scenario. One Lucas' and one E.J.'s that way we will at least have a Lumi baby that we can all be excited for but, at the same time we will have a WONDERFUL storyline opportunity with one of the baby's being E.J.'s. Just think of the possibilities....

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Re: SAMI SAMI SAMI!!!!!!!!!

Postby Gin5600 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:33 pm

EJ did try "raping" her a while back in her apartment and Lucas stopped it. So it wouldn't be too far fetched that he actually did rape her this time. I wish Sami would have told Lucas about it, but then she would have to admit that she helped EJ escape to Mexico. I like Sami when she is with Lucas. I would like them to stay together.

Quote YanDiMera: of course, the logical thing would be for sami to tell the truth about E.J blackmailing her into sex. But it's common knowledge that when it comes to rape, things are never black or white. E.J doesn't happen to be some yucky perv popping up from some dark alley. She was attracted to him once. We should take the guilt factor into consideration, plus Sami has an history of twisting the truth: she can't be 100% certain Lucas would believe her. And also the fact she must feel tainted and dirty for having sex that way.

I think she should have told her mom though. I want the baby to be EJ's. A Brady-Dimera character is a guarantee of interesting storylines for the next years, even decades. Sami can be the one to bring the Dimera down.Unlike Marlena, she spent her whole lifetime to master blackmail and evil schemes. On the other hand, i wanmt Lucas to stand by Sami and raise the baby as if he were his own.

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