This is so confusing

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This is so confusing

Postby DarkfairiesinTrinity » Wed Jan 03, 2007 5:26 pm

What do ya think? The assasin can't be Steve because
1)He is a victim that has die for 16 years and he just got his memory back.
2)I read the transcipt and it clearly said that EJ was going to get Bo Brady and Steve Johnson because they were Bradys and traitors.
3)Stephanie called Steve from the hospital and Steve find Kayla and then he was poisoned to but then recover faster than Kayla
4)The person that could do it secretly could be Kate. I mean they were passing out favors for sex and knowing Kate she probably think about it and Kate is not really part of the Bradys. For they work together and has devopoled a friendship
5)Things that happen is to Stephanie. Why would he do something to Stephanie? I mean I know it wasn't his racecar but he probably thought that was a change that Stephanie could be injured. And it was in quarantine when John and Marlena was on that plane that was hijack. But I think that Steve could has told EJ about it or maybe Steve didn't know all the details and Kayla will hear him on the phone talking to EJ.
Reasons that it can be Steve
1)Benjy gave Steve the devil card which Benjy probably got from EJ and then he has this look that could freak anyone out. But when he saw Kayla he turn into a horny flirty teenager and saying stuffs like Kaylaoxygen and you examine me and I examine you. So maybe that will mean that Steve doesn't want to hurt Kayla
2)John look right at Steve and said killer but that could had meant that the killer was going to get you. He could probably was warning him and maybe Kayla was right that he didn't get enough oxygen to the brain.
3)The devil card doesn't certainly was do with killing. It could had trigger another memory but if Steve didn't has this memory then, then how did he know anything about the Bradys. Because he probably didn't know what he was doing. And it could be another thing that Kayla will get involved and he will kill EJ to protect his family.
4)Also I know that doesn't go anyway but Kayla said that she will mourned for him forever and I think that Kayla will almost lose Steve again.

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Re: This is so confusing

Postby Chrissi » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:35 am

I am doubtful about it being Steve and wonder if it's maybe Marlena now. I hate to say it because it wouldn't be great to have Marlena brainwashed again, in my opinion. Watch today's show..... ;) Or read my update (it's up) and you may get another idea...

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