Who here blame Lexie or Sami

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Who here blame Lexie or Sami

Postby DarkfairiesinTrinity » Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:26 pm

Lexie wants her marriage and she knew that Abe will go off of her or get insecurities if she told him the truth. The truth is she didn't see what happened. Tek has got Lexie and told her that he thought it was EJ and then she gave it to the police. Why didn't she tell Roman and her husband that she saw the killer back of his head and it looks like it might had been EJ. I don't think her intention was to let EJ go free but she definetely doesn't know that EJ shot John because she wasn't there and she had listen to Tek story. But she probably know that EJ is a Diamera.
Okay Sami was raped by EJ in order to save Lucas. I can understand why she wants to save Lucas because she couldn't just left him there to die but to say that she didn't get EJ to lift the beam off of Lucas leg and anything that has happened with EJ especially that EJ is long gone now while Patrick is locked up.
Do you think Lucas, Abe, and everyone else will understand
I think that Marlena will be so grateful if John does make it. There is always a change that he might die but at least Lexie got the help that John needed and if John was left there then there might be no way that John could live. And without Sami Lucas might have went into shock and could had die. But now did Lucas got to the hospital. I mean EJ has left them there. But no matter what her concern was not getting EJ out of town but was for Lucas.

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Re: Who here blame Lexie or Sami

Postby Chrissi » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:47 pm

Lexi - Sami did what she did out of fear for her and for Lucas's life. I can understand that.

Lexi lied out of concern for herself. She could have told Abe the truth or she could have told Tek to get out of the flipping car!!! LOL

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