What in the world

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What in the world

Postby scneon04 » Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:36 pm

>( K Iwant to know what is going on? Bo and Hope they have been through so much exsply Hope ?) so why is she playin dumb in her heart she should know somthing is very wrong w/ Patrick. And who came up w/ Willow? to me here it is Belle made her choice on who to be with. shawn and mimi should have worked it out ~) . :D ok jusy kiddin had u going huh. Please let shawn and belle get back togather its time And Sami and Lucas yes she deseves some real love we have punished >) her enough.

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Re: What in the world

Postby Christie » Sat Dec 02, 2006 12:24 am

no couples will be together, it's never going to happen. %( %( :~ ;(

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