Question for Bo & Hope Fans & Ben & Ciara Fans

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Re: Question for Bo & Hope Fans & Ben & Ciara Fans

Postby BrendaMorganQ » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:27 am

Time ran out before I could add EJ. He raped Sami and yet he still has a fan base that fully supports EJAMI. HE kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned and replaced Rafe in order to win her back. He also cheated on her with Abby, but when she let go of the anger and started to work her way back to him we cheered & celebrated. He didn't have a medical reason to do what he did; Ben does and is working on regaining his life - should he paired with no one as he walks this journey?

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Re: Question for Bo & Hope Fans & Ben & Ciara Fans

Postby YandR and Days » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:08 am

CanaryFan98 wrote:I think Ben/Ciara are both attractive people, decent actors and have more chemistry than her and Tripp.

But I prefer Ben as a sociopath than a redeemed romantic hero.

I also don't like Ciara in general.

Plus I get the uneasiness of a recovering rape victim falling for a serial killer who tortured and killed women like her. Fortunately she wasn't his victim so its slightly more palatable.

However to tell this story in 2018 I don't trust Days to do it well.

IA the actor came to life when he played Crazy Ben, up til then he had been a dull character to me, and the type of guy I'd never fall for, anger issues turned into stalking, etc.

IA too about a rape victim paired up with a serial killer, only on a soap! :lol:

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