Murder Again?

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Re: Murder Again?

Postby Shadowcat99 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:48 pm

mauimama wrote:
Irish17 wrote:I don't know if Andre will be "dead-dead or river-dead" (that never get's old lol) but I was so excited to read that Hope and Rafe would "be on the case"! :roll: Heaven help us all.

With Hope and Rafe on the case- that puts my mind at ease--- because...
Andre/Tony- whoever - will get away with the murder or fake murder with no problem whatsoever!
The only thing those 2 know how to solve is where the nearest make-out place is!

Villains beware...Hope and Rafe are on the case!!! Hopefully they'll enlist JJ's help, so he can shoot at some of the unarmed extras in Horton Square. Or maybe Lani could help? She can run in the opposite direction of the suspect. And maybe Eli can help out. Eli actually shoots people with guns, but then Rafe gets mad at him for doing this job. Gotta love that Salem PD.

They should just hire Vivian, Kristen, Sami, Victor, Eve, Andre, and Kate as the police force. Then some stuff would actually get resolved.

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Re: Murder Again?

Postby raieraie » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:58 pm

Well what if Anna is the victim and Andre is set up for her murder. Oh vice versa! Anna blames Andre for killing Tony but then who was spying on Anna, oh maybe it was Vivian and she is going to kill Andre and set up Anna or again vice versa???? Oh who knows!!!! But I guess we will see!

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