Let's talk about Casey Moss' acting lately

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Re: Let's talk about Casey Moss' acting lately

Postby ghfanfare » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:42 am

When I first started watching Days (three years ago now?!) I didn't care much for the character of JJ or the actor. Both have since grown on me, I'm happy to say. 8-)

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YandR and Days
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Re: Let's talk about Casey Moss' acting lately

Postby YandR and Days » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:43 pm

IA that he is doing a great job at acting, so is Lani, but those two do not have the chemistry that JJ and Gabi have, or Lani and Eli. Just switch out the couples and I'll be fine with it. :D Lani seems way too mature for JJ and Eli is more mature that Gabi, both JJ and Gabi seem to be on the same maturity scale.

I did NOT like JJ having sex with his girlfriend's mother, over and over, that might be one reason I don't care for the character.

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Re: Let's talk about Casey Moss' acting lately

Postby JeanLou » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:57 pm

Casey is killing it, for sure! His sorrow and grief just poured out of him like his body couldn't contain it! He and Sal are both on top of their games and I don't think they will ever recover as a couple because of it.

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Re: Let's talk about Casey Moss' acting lately

Postby delyla » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:21 pm

Altered Tundra wrote:Okay, I'll be the first to admit that he hasn't always been the best actor even by daytime soap opera standards, but recently(as in this year), he's really been upping his game. And his recent scenes have been some of my favorite from him. I particularly loved today's scenes as he was still coping with what JJ did. HIs grief is real and I can feel it. It's not something that I'm forced to feel because I like the soap, but I actually can feel it. JJ is so torn about what he did. His scenes with Gabi touched me and when he ripped up that shirt, I found it very powerful. All of his anguish poured into that and then how he went to sacrifice everything just to make sure Theo heard him say sorry. Despite what it is going to doubtless cost him, JJ needed to do this because it was the only thing that could put his mind at ease.

and of course, we know Theo won't hold any of this against JJ. That's the kind of guy Theo is. Plus, Theo was the one who did the crime. So, of course, this makes what's happening to JJ all the more heartbreaking.

His speech to Theo was powerful.

so, I'll tell you guys and gals this: I've always loved the character JJ. I've always loved Casey Moss. There hasn't been a storyline that the writers of whichever stint that I didn't love. I adored his bratty, rebellious teen introduction storyline. I loved how he was a pothead and that gave us that hilarious episode with Jennifer's book club on drugs. I loved his transition into this butt-kicking cop(ignoring how rushed it was). I loved how instrumental he was in taking down Ben. I loved his relationship with Paige and Gabi(and yes, even with Lani).

And, now as we have been seeing in recent days, I am absolutely loving how he's handling the fallout from the shooting. It's not only a very realistic storyline but, in my opinion, it's also the best one they have. I look forward to seeing how this story proceeds.

What about his relationship with Eve? Did you love that SL too? :lol:

I agree - JJ does a nice job of acting the part. I've always thought so too.

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