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Re: Theo’s sweatshirt

Postby JaggedEdge » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:18 pm

mauimama wrote:
JaggedEdge wrote:Well that's my problem with Hope. As soon as he told her he had the phone with him, she should have bagged it immediately! Not race into the next room like a nosy schoolgirl to see a fight. She gave Tripp ample opportunity to do whatever he wants to with that, and he could put it right into Kate's hand. I think Abe is beginning to see what a bad decision he made in promoting her.

the plot thickens--- how in heaven's name is Tripp going to explain to the" ever-brilliant commish" (insert sarcastic face here) that he doesn't have Theo's phone IF he hands it over to Kate--- and wait a minute--- little twit Claire would testify that Tripp gave the phone to Kate, wouldn't she? I don't know how either one of them would shut her up, when she's questioned...

Very easily. The writer sends someone ( an nurse) in to distract them, Kate clears her messages and then hand it back to him. Hope comes conveniently walks in, and he gives it to her.

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