SPOILER: Sonny/Will/Paul! OH OH!

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Re: SPOILER: Sonny/Will/Paul! OH OH!

Postby BrendaMorganQ » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:05 pm

delyla wrote:
BrendaMorganQ wrote:The first time they were together he didn't know that Paul was Sonny's ex. The next time they hooked up he did know. It was one of the reasons Sonny gave for walking out when the affair was exposed. And Will confessed to having had an affair in CA working on the script. The writers for some reason found it necessary to destroy the character before killing him off.

If the spoiler is true, it would make sense. Paul was developing feelings for Will before he found out that he was married to Sonny. And Will was going back for more time with Paul that wasn't about the story and it wasn't out of lust. I think he felt connected to Paul who was only recently allowing the world to know that he was openly gay and that kindred spirit was something that Sonny hadn't had to deal with. Do you remember when he told Will that he knew Will was gay and Will denied it? He fought it until he couldn't anymore. And before they married Sonny asked Will if he was sure because he was the only man that Will had been with and he might want to explore more, but Will shut him down and declared his love for Sonny?

I think that Sonny was right, Will should have gained experience and confidence in who he was before getting married.

Will also helped Paul to come out, if I'm remembering correctly. It seemed they were bonding over their struggle.[/quote]

Paul knew he was gay but didn't want to damage his pro baseball career so he hid Sonny. Once Sonny had enough he left him and came home to Salem. With Will, Paul was learning how to go public - in fact that was the base of Will's expose. It would be nice to see them together to find out where it goes. It might be an issue with Arianna given Sonny is her stepdad she might become confused as to who is who.

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Re: SPOILER: Sonny/Will/Paul! OH OH!

Postby AnneM127 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:32 pm

I just don't see Paul's feelings flipping and changing that quickly. He's pretty mature for a soap character.

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Re: SPOILER: Sonny/Will/Paul! OH OH!

Postby YandR and Days » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:39 am

Can you imagine having THREE HOT DADS???? Ari would be so lucky to have those 3 doting over her! :D

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